Caring for Education | Megaunity Huanneng Honored as "Charity Enterprise"

On March 27, 2024, Principal Shen Lingfang and Vice Principal Zhang Hua of Suzhou Wuzhong District Yijianhe Experimental Primary School paid a visit to Suzhou Megaunity Huanneng Technology Co., Ltd. for an exchange, expressing their deep appreciation for Megaunity's support and sponsorship of the school's Reading Festival event.

Suzhou Megaunity Huanneng Sponsors the Reading Festival Event at One Arrow River Experimental Primary School with Love and Support

MEGAUNITY, as a co-builder of the reading festival series projects at One Arrow River Experimental Primary School, provides ongoing support to the school's reading festival activities. By doing so, MEGAUNITY plays an instrumental role in fostering a rich and immersive reading environment that allows the fragrance of books to accompany and enhance the better growth and development of the children.

Starting a prairie fire with a single spark, setting sail for a long journey with cohesion | Megaunity held its 27th anniversary celebration

On July 3, in the drizzle, Megaunity Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in its 27th birthday. More than 300 employees and their families of Megaunity gathered at the company headquarters, and employees from various branches, subsidiaries and offices participated remotely through video to celebrate the birthday of Megaunity. Part of the leaders, moderators and directors of the CCP History Preaching Team of Dalian News Media Group were also invited to attend the celebration.

Die zahlreichen Initiativen von MEGAUNITY zeigen seine Verantwortung, den Kampf gegen die Epidemie mit einem Herzen und einem Verstand zu führen

We share one heart and work together. The epidemic outbreak made every Chinese people take action to do what they can to fight the virus. At a critical juncture, the epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Megaunity Environmental deployed in advance during the Spring Festival and actively protected the health of employees. At the same time, employees and the public were urged to make donations with love and actively respond to the government’s call for donating medical disinfection equipment, and rapidly develop new anti-virus products for public space ventilation and air-conditioning systems, thus demonstrating social responsibility with practical actions.

Case Sharing 丨 Megaunity helps Shanghai Jinshan Nippon Paint build a " Green Bay of Carbon Valley"

With "refreshing a better living space" as its corporate mission, Nippon Paint has been committed to providing high-quality innovative products for many years, so as to meet the rapid development of China's industry and cities, as well as people's demand for a better life. In addition to achieving the business objectives of the enterprise, Nippon Paint is committed to protecting the environment and has upgraded the waste gas treatment system of the factory in Jinshan, Shanghai. Megaunity has designed and implemented a set of VOCs treatment equipment for it, which has been praised by customers for its efficient operation and stable performance.

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