Starting a prairie fire with a single spark, setting sail for a long journey with cohesion | Megaunity held its 27th anniversary celebration

On July 3, in the drizzle, Megaunity Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in its 27th birthday. More than 300 employees and their families of Megaunity gathered at the company headquarters, and employees from various branches, subsidiaries and offices participated remotely through video to celebrate the birthday of Megaunity. Part of the leaders, moderators and directors of the CCP History Preaching Team of Dalian News Media Group were also invited to attend the celebration.




On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of CCP, Megaunity specially planned a visit to the Revolutionary Martyr Guan Xiangying Memorial Hall to relive the revolutionary journey of pioneers and kick off the factory celebration. The exhibition area vividly reproduces brilliant revolutionary course of Comrade Guan Xiangying through physical display, photo display, narration by the instructor, and scene simulation. After all the furnishings and gazing at the cultural relics, everyone was deeply moved by great communist spirit of Comrade Guan Xiangying who worked hard for the party and the country, and were unyielding, and dedication.








After that, the company celebration ceremony officially started in the factory area of Megaunity Dalian headquarters. General Manager Yao Weiqiang first summarized the breakthroughs and achievements of Megaunity Environment in the past year from the aspects of talent introduction, management and marketing model transformation, and said that in the future, Megaunity will present to customers in a more pragmatic, professional and focused attitude, and work together with industry partners to work tirelessly to build a beautiful China!



Yao Weiqiang, General Manager of Megaunity


The company's celebration coincides with the centenary of the founding of the CCP in this year. The Dalian News Media Group Chang Ming, Zhang Yi, and Wang Chunyan are invited to give a full account of the precious spiritual wealth in the history of the party in the past century - the Yan'an Spirit. The narrator, Teacher Chang Ming, took the deeds of Mr. Shi Yan, a 100-year-old party member, as a starting point, and took everyone to relive the memorable history of Yan'an. As a sacred place of revolution, the Yan'an spirit bred by it is the great spiritual driving force of China's revolution and construction, and inspires generations of strugglers to succeed and indomitable.


大连新闻传媒集团编委会编委 张轶

Zhang Yi, Member of Editorial Board of Dalian News Media Group


大连新闻传媒集团主持人、辽宁省优秀新闻工作者 常鸣

Chang Ming, host of Dalian News Media Group and outstanding journalist of Liaoning Province


大连新闻传媒集团记者、辽宁省优秀新闻工作者 王春燕

Wang Chunyan, reporter of Dalian News Media Group and outstanding journalist of Liaoning Province


Yang Kun, Megaunity Environmental Marketing Center Industry Director, Sun Qianqian, Sales Management Manager, and Wu Jia, Manufacturing Department Deputy Manager shared their thoughts and insights on "Jinggangshan's re-emergence of the Long March". They said that not only individuals inspired by Jinggangshan spirit, but also the spirit of Jinggangshan that spans time and space will be promoted to the team, so that the whole team will also feel the encouragement of this spirit and guide our work and life.



Yang Kun, Megaunity Environmental Marketing Center Industry Director



Sun Qianqian, Sales Management Manager



Wu Jia, Manufacturing Department Deputy Manager


In the past 27 years, Megaunity people have been highly recognized by industry experts based on honesty, adherence to quality, continuous innovation, and pursuit of excellence. On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of Megaunity's establishment, industry experts and scholars also sent anniversary blessings.












The sustainable and stable development of Megaunity is inseparable from the hard work of Megaunity people, and it is also inseparable from the accurate grasp of the industry trend by the leader. Chairman Yao Weiguo took everyone to review hardships of starting a business at the beginning of Megaunity's establishment. Starting from conducting business on bicycles and motorcycles, the company has grown from an entrepreneurial team of only 4 people to an enterprise of more than 400 people. For more than 20 years, Megaunity has been able to cooperate with Taikisha by adhering to integrity and quality; with the introduction of international advanced technology and independent innovation, it has continuously improved the technical strength of the enterprise, and won domestic and foreign customers' recognition with excellent products and considerate service. By adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation, the company has reached more than 10 years of cooperation with the Ninth Institute and won the 2021 Quality Management Award issued by it. The company has always cultivated and encouraged employees to grow, achieve mutual achievement with employees, and supported employees to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. During the construction of new plant, the work was stopped to protect the newborn baby magpies, taking care of the growth of the magpies and coexisting in harmony with nature.



Yao Weiguo, Chairman of Megaunity


President Yao said that in the future, Megaunity will continue to lead the development of enterprise with innovation, and call on all Megaunity people to break through the limits of themselves, fully explore their own potential in continuous attempts, and maximize personal value. In terms of talent training, the company will continue to target employee growth and family happiness, insist on providing learning and growth opportunities for struggling people, creating a stage for development for more young partners, and encouraging Megaunity people to create a good environment for the next generation cultivating hobby, creating healthy growth living environment. In the end, President Yao called on every partner of Megaunity to write down their three-year objectives and strive for them. Only by struggling can you meet a better self, make people happier, and have a better family!






Megaunity held a wonderful Family Return Day event



Shanghai Team of Megaunity Group


27 years of work unceasingly regardless of the weather, 27 years of hard work,

Now the national fortune is prosperous, and we still don’t forget our original intentions,

The hundred years of history will always be remembered,

We will insist on striving hard to build a dream future,

With Megaunity's 27th anniversary of the pursuit of excellence,

We hope to walk hand in hand in the future and share the glory!


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