Painting industry
  • Organic waste gas will be produced in the batching, high-speed mixing, grinding, paint mixing, packaging processes of coating industry. In the mixing, mixing or batching process, there will also occur the escape emissions.
Pharmaceutical industry
  • VOCs emissions in pharmaceutical and pesticide industry have diverse sources, complex composition, and large concentration/gas fluctuations. Most of them contain acidic gases, chlorine-containing organic compounds and other substances which are corrosive or can generate corrosive gases, containing a variety of characteristic pollutants and requiring higher emission limits.
Electronic manufacturing
  • There are many kinds of VOCs emissions in the waste gas of the electronics industry, and the components are complex. In general, the exhaust gas has the characteristics of larger air volume and lower concentration. The semiconductor process will also produce some acidic gas, alkaline gas and toxic gas.
New material
  • In the production process of new materials, the common source of organic waste gas is feeding, reaction preparation and finished product packaging process of material production line. The waste gas mainly contains benzene series, esters, hydrocarbons, ethers, ketones and other volatile organic compounds, including thiols, sulfur ethers and other foul organic compounds.

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