Machining of parts
  • Automobile engine, transmission and three electric system workshop, machine processing production accompanied by industrial oil mist fume exhaust. MEGAUNITY provides customers with a comprehensive solution for oil mist and fume system.
Die casting flue gas
  • In the process of automobile engine, chassis and other aluminum and aluminum alloy die casting, die casting flue gas will be generated in the opening and closing die and punch area. Based on the characteristics of die casting flue gas emission, we provide customers with customized single machine supporting purification system.
Machining of parts
  • The smoke produced by the forging process of hub and shaft components has great adhesion, and can be effectively purified by MEGAUNITY wet electrostatic dust removal equipment.
  • According to the different working conditions of auto automatic welding production line, laser welding room, manual welding station and high-space welding workshops, MEGAUNITY provides customized comprehensive treatment solutions of welding smoke and dust removal.
Coating workshop
  • Aiming at the organic waste gas with high air volume and low concentration in the coating workshop, MEGAUNITY adopts the combination process of zeolite + oxidation to realize the low-cost, high-efficiency and harmless treatment.
Electromechanical ventilation
  • With the integration of ventilation system design, production, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, MEGAUNITY has created a unique advantage in the field of automobile factory ventilation.

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