Caring education, undertaking community responsibility

● Donate "Zhenzhu Sheng"

● Educational donation for poverty students

● Outstanding principal growth plan

● Donate to chunmiao charity

● Establish megauntiy scholarship


Poverty alleviation and disaster relief, keen on public welfare

● Environmental protection actions

● Donation for indian ocean tsunami-affected areas

● Supporting the quake-hit areas in sichuan

● Donation for areas affected by typhoon morakot

● Donate supplies to fight covid-19


Talent cultivation, helping employee growth

● Megaunity enterprise university

● Yang Triangle management course

● Xuanxing training program

● Six improvements learning

● Party history study and other training


Employee benefits, promoting family happiness

● Holiday gifts

● Company anniversary celebrations

● Family return day

● Scholarship for employees' children

● Marathon and team building


Corporate Culture


Focus on ECO

Create and Enjoy a Fresh World


Century Long Mission 

Global Wide Vision


Innovation     Professionalization 

Integrity     Win-win


Self-improvement     Great Kindness


Customer First     Employee Growth

Company Development     Community Harmony

Corporate Culture


Focus on ECO, Create and Enjoy a Fresh World


Century Long Mission     Global Wide Vision


Innovation     Professionalization     Integrity     Win-win


Self-improvement     Great Kindness


Customer First     Employee Growth     Company Development     Community Harmony



Environment Social responsibility Governance

Focus on the new energy industry chain

Industrial environment management

· Industrial plant smoke and oil mist treatment, protect workers' health
· Machining oil mist treatment, to extend the service life of equipment and provide a safe production environment
· Explosion-proof dust removal ensures the safety of process production


Energy-saving and emission-reduction

· Air-conditioning system technology optimization to help customers to reduce energy consumption;
· NMP recovery system modular device can achieve a significant reduction in the system energy consumption;

· Megaunity patent mixed bellows to help customers save energy and reduce carbon; 
· The completed VOCs governance projects will reduce VOCs emissions by about 26,00 tons a year.


· "ESG Award" by CEIBS alumni;
· Awarded the title of Outstanding Enterprise of Industrial Waste Gas Treatment for three consecutive years

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Efforts to Promote Social Progress


· Donated anti-COVID-19 equipment to Jilin Hospital;
· Donated materials to the First Hospital and the Second Hospital of Dalian Medical University;
· Donations for Wuhan, European disaster area;


Disaster Relief

· Donations for natural disasters such as floods, epidemics, tsunamis, earthquakes and typhoons.



· Support rural education;
· Built libraries in poverty-stricken areas;
· Subsidize poor students;
· Establishment of the “Megaunity Scholarship”;

Revere the Elderly

· Donated money for New Year's Eve dinner to people in extreme poverty;
· Provide Double Ninth Festival benefits for employees' families.

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Build the Company's Core Competitiveness


· The company has a general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors and the board of supervisors, formulated equity incentive policies, and set up an employee stock ownership platform.

Compliance System Construction

· In order to carry out enterprise compliance management, Zhaohe Internal Control Management Department compiled Zhaohe Internal Control Guidelines according to the Enterprise Internal Control Application Guidelines and conducts internal control management for the work of all departments of the Company.

Development Strategy

· Focusing on the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles and providing high-quality industrial plant air purification system solutions and energy saving equipment for customers.

Quality Control

· Jinpu New Area Quality Award;
· Quality management system, policy;

· SO 9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 three system certification.

Employee Care

· Employee growth: Zhaohe Enterprise University, Yang Triangle management class, dazzling star training, six progress;
· Employee care: holiday benefits;
· Cultural and sports activities: factory celebration activities, family day, marathon, etc.

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