Invitation Welcome to the 2024 European Battery Exhibition

2024 THE BATTERY SHOW EUROPE will be held in Stuttgart, Germany from June 18th to 20th, 2024. The exhibition aims to become a professional exhibition for the advanced battery industry in Europe, gathering manufacturers, technology research and development companies, purchasers, and technical experts from the battery industry in Asia, North America, and Europe to exhibit and visit. In 2023, the 3-day exhibition of the European Battery Electric Vehicle Show involved exhibitors from more than 53 countries around the world.

5 Reasons to Come to The Battery Show Europe

  • Access to the latest technologies from 1,000+ battery manufacturers across the industry supply chain.
  • Explore the latest market innovations across Europe’s largest battery technology expo.
  • Gain new ideas for increased battery efficiencies and reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Watch live product demos showcasing cutting-edge battery technology.
  • Join us and thousands of professionals from the advanced battery and H/EV community for refreshments at our social networking reception.

The exhibition will bring together over 1,000 exhibitors and more than 19,000 engineers, executives, industry leaders, and experts from the battery and new energy vehicle supply chain.


MEGAUNITY’s Air Handling System Solutions

During the lithium battery production process, there are many types of chemicals involved, with high concentrations and properties such as easy volatility, flammability, and explosiveness, which make the composition and characteristics of the waste gas in the lithium battery industry more complex, including acidic gases, organic solvents, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, etc., and the treatment of waste gas in the lithium battery industry is relatively difficult. The governance of lithium battery industry waste gas requires advanced technology, stable processes and the ability to meet requirements for high efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

As a leading service provider in the industrial production environment air system, Megaunity has actively explored air solutions for lithium production processes in recent years, and has provided process ventilation, dust removal and waste gas treatment solutions for many lithium battery production enterprises such as CATL, Envision, SUNWODA and etc.

At this exhibition, Megaunity will comprehensively showcase NMP and waste heat recovery, dust removal, dehumidification and VOCs treatment system solutions for the lithium battery industry. We’re looking forward to communicate with new and old customers to jointly discuss industry solutions that meet green production and sustainable development.


NMP and Waste Heat Recovery Solutions

  1. New product processing technology, heat recovery efficiency ≥80%.
  2. Highly modular integration, quick assembly.
  3. Low running energy consumption, high recovery purity, significant ROI.

Dehumidification Solutions

  1. Dehumidifier process using patented technology, energy saving up to 30%-40% compared to current technology.
  2. Regeneration temperature <75°C, effectively utilizing low-temperature waste heat, condensed steam and heat exhaust below 100°C in factories.
Dedusting System Solutions
  1. Multi-stage filtration technology, purified dust can be discharged into clean rooms.
  2. Integrated with various explosion-proof designs such as flame resistance, inerting, explosion relief and explosion resistance to ensure safety and reliability.
  3. Optimized airflow organization design, making the system more energy efficient.

VOCs Purification System

  1. RTO Processing Efficiency: >99%.
  2. RTO Heat Recovery Efficiency: >95%.
  3. High Tightness Valves, no Leakage.



Booth No. A80, Hall 6 

Address:Messe Stuttgart,Stuttgart, Germany
Time:18-20 June, 2024

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