MEGAUNITY attended the summit forum "Coating Frontier Enters FAW-Volkswagen".

On March 11, 2024, the summit forum titled "In the Name of Intelligent Coating, Gathering at FAW-Volkswagen Qingdao Plant" was held as scheduled at the FAW-Volkswagen Qingdao Branch. The forum was jointly organized by FAW-Volkswagen and the entity referred to as "Coating Frontier", attracting over a hundred participants, including representatives from several well-known automotive manufacturing companies, upstream and downstream suppliers in the automotive parts industry, as well as experts and scholars from design institutes.

Suzhou Zhaohui Air Systems Co., Ltd. attended the event as a supporting organization. MEGAUNITY's Chairman Jack Yao and Sales Manager Dong Li joined other distinguished guests to discuss green production practices within the coating sector and envision the future of intelligent coating in a new era.


Deputy General Manager Li Yunsheng of Mechanical Ninth Academy (left), Manager Sun Guilin of FAW-Volkswagen (center), and Chairman Jack Yao of MEGAUNITY (right)


FAW-Volkswagen invited the attending guests to tour its four major workshops. Through the introduction provided by FAW-Volkswagen staff, the attendees were able to appreciate that as a "benchmark for China's intelligent factories," the Qingdao Branch of FAW-Volkswagen consistently explores innovation and focuses on digital intelligence and green initiatives. By introducing lean improvements and optimizing production processes, the company has implemented energy-saving and emission-reduction measures across multiple aspects. This not only elevates the level of factory automation but also contributes to the creation of an environmentally friendly manufacturing facility.


Staff members from the Qingdao Branch of FAW-Volkswagen introduced the painting workshop to everyone.


During the technical discussion segment, MEGAUNITY's Sales Manager Dong Li presented on energy-saving technologies for painting workshop air systems. MEGAUNITY assists clients in achieving reduced investment costs, lower operating expenses, and energy conservation while decreasing carbon emissions by focusing on capturing waste gases at their source, implementing precise system design, innovating key components domestically, and optimizing process technologies. They provide a comprehensive, safe, and professional solution for the entire system. Regarding the future development of coating technology, Mr. Dong also shared his vision and engaged in discussions and exchanges with industry experts and representatives from participating enterprises, aiming to collaboratively drive the green and sustainable development of automotive coating technologies.


MEGAUNITY Sales Manager Dong Li


MEGAUNITY adheres to its mission of "Uniting Efforts in Low-Carbon Technologies" and remains committed to creating value for clients. They provide air system solutions, including VOCs treatment, dust removal, oil mist elimination, constant temperature and humidity control, as well as resource recycling utilization across the upstream and downstream sectors of the new energy vehicle industry. Collaborating with clients, MEGAUNITY helps build greener and more energy-efficient production environments, thereby propelling the industry towards a steady progression towards the goals of being "green, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly."

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