Megaunity Low-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment R&D Headquarters Project Groundbreaking Ceremony

On the afternoon of February 21, 2023, the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Megaunity Air System Co., Ltd.'s Low-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment R&D Headquarters Project was successfully held in Xukou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City. 

The ceremony was attended by key figures including Chairman Jack Yao of the Megaunity Group, Vice Chairman Yao Weide, President Weiqiang Yao, and other senior executives from the group; Chairman Chen Jianming of the General Contracting Construction Party; and Mr. Yang Haihui, Dean of Dalian Kaijie Architectural Design Institute, along with significant supplier partners, supervision units, management entities, and distinguished guests. All gathered to jointly participate in this cornerstone laying event and bear witness to this historic moment.



President Weiqiang Yao began by introducing the fundamental details of the Megaunity Low-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment R&D Headquarters Project. This project, recognized as a major initiative in Jiangsu Province for 2024, covers an area of approximately 67.17 mu (equivalent to about 4.5 hectares) and has a planned construction area of around 90,000 square meters. Upon completion, it will cater to the global market with products such as NMP recovery equipment, oil mist purifiers, explosion-proof dust collectors, heat exchangers, dehumidifiers, thereby enhancing Megaunity Air System Co., Ltd.'s production capacity and R&D capabilities for future sustainable growth. President Weiqiang Yao pledged that Megaunity would collaborate closely with all participating parties to ensure the project is completed with high quality, speed, and efficiency, aiming to set a benchmark as a top-quality project in Jiangsu Province.

In his speech, Chairman Jack Yao highlighted that since its establishment in 1994, Megaunity has consistently focused on providing air system solutions for industrial production environments. The company's commitment to creating value for customers and upholding values of integrity, expertise, dedication, and mutual success has been the bedrock of its long-term cooperation and development with a wide range of clients. Megaunity will continue to uphold its mission of "uniting low-carbon technologies to create a fresher world," aligning itself with the global trend of continuous energy conservation and emission reduction, and working together with partners to promote green and high-quality development.

Jack Yao underscored that talent is the fundamental guarantee for any enterprise. Megaunity persists in attracting and cultivating high-potential talents, which has led to a development model where returnees, talents from foreign enterprises, local talents, and self-developed professionals coexist within the company. Going forward, Megaunity will continue to provide platforms for outstanding talents, fostering a new landscape of collaborative success under a multicultural background, fully tapping into their potential, breaking boundaries, and striving to build a team of exceptional talents with a sense of mission, responsibility, and innovation. Simultaneously, the company will maintain a customer-centric approach to technological innovation, combining independent research and development with joint efforts with universities and research institutions to continuously drive the transformation of technological achievements. This strategy will lay a solid foundation for the company's development alongside leading players in the new energy industry, effectively propelling Megaunity towards becoming a top-tier provider of comprehensive air system solutions for battery and automotive manufacturing environments globally.

The successful groundbreaking ceremony for the Megaunity Low-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Headquarters Project signifies a significant step forward for Megaunity as it progresses towards a smarter manufacturing facility and a fully digitalized operational management model. This advancement will accelerate its overseas expansion, intensify its market penetration in the new energy battery supply chain, and make greater contributions to building a green and safe production environment for the new energy and automotive industries.

On February 23rd, the 2024 Project On-site Promotion Meeting in Suzhou Wuzhong District was successfully convened at the site of the Megaunity Low-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Headquarters Project. The meeting was attended by district officials including Party Secretary Ding Lixin, Deputy Party Secretary and District Mayor Gu Xiaodong, Standing Committee Member of the District Party Committee and Deputy District Mayor Huang Naihong, Deputy District Mayors Zhou Xuebin and Li Ye; as well as key figures from Megaunity Group, such as Chairman Jack Yao, President Weiqiang Yao, and General Manager Jin Weili from Megaunity Huanneng. Together, they participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for the commencement of the Suzhou Megaunity Low-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Headquarters Project, symbolically shoveling soil to lay the foundation for the project's construction.

Groundbreaking Ceremony


At the event site, Secretary Ding Lixin presented project construction permits to representatives of major industrial projects, including those from the Megaunity Low-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Headquarters Project. This act symbolically opened up a green channel for the project construction, demonstrating Wuzhong District's clear stance and strong actions in supporting the early commencement, timely completion, early production, and rapid efficiency of high-quality projects.


Secretary Ding presented project construction permits to representatives of major industrial projects.


Deputy Mayor Huang Naihong, in his speech, stated that today's groundbreaking ceremony for the Suzhou Megaunity Low-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Headquarters Project, with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan, is one of the nine major provincial projects in Wuzhong District. It is a dual flagship project at the district level, focusing on both new energy industries and robotics as well as intelligent manufacturing industries. This project will play a pivotal role in attracting the clustering of upstream and downstream enterprises, extending the industrial chain both forward and backward, and promoting high-quality economic development.


Member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Deputy District Mayor Huang Naihong


Megaunity Chairman Jack Yao expressed that Wuzhong District's favorable geographical development advantages, business environment, and investment policies, coupled with the strong research capabilities, diligent, dedicated, and professional spirit of Wuzhong's officials, have greatly boosted the company's confidence in its development. Megaunity will also base itself in Wuzhong, seize the opportunities presented by the new round of industrial technological revolution and the global restructuring, actively expanding into overseas markets.


Megaunity Chairman Jack Yao


Representatives from various development zones, Taihu New City, townships (streets), and relevant departments of the district, as well as representatives from the projects that were commencing construction, attended the event.


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