MEGAUNITY has garnered numerous accolades and industry recognitions from its esteemed clientele.

As the year draws to a close and a new one begins, MEGAUNITY, leveraging its extensive years of technological accumulation, has been actively meeting clients' needs for reducing pollution, conserving energy, and cutting carbon emissions in industrial production processes. With unwavering dedication across all business sectors, MEGAUNITY has consistently achieved remarkable results throughout the past year.

Customer Praise

A stream of thank-you letters not only convey the clients' recognition and high trust in MEGAUNITY, but also instill in the MEGAUNITY team a profound sense of responsibility to safeguard their clients' production environments. The MEGAUNITY technical team strives for optimization in system design for each project, aiming to minimize overall investment and operating costs while ensuring safety and stable operations. The project implementation team, armed with extensive construction experience and a proven ability to deliver projects rapidly, promptly responds to and resolves a myriad of issues, offering tailored and practical solutions to customers based on local conditions. They efficiently drive project execution to ensure that all projects are completed on time, meeting quality standards and fulfilling quantity requirements.

  • The Shaanxi Baoti Dust Removal Project has received commendation from the client.

  • The Hanjiang Machine Tool Oil Mist Purification Project has been honored with recognition from the client.

  • The FAW-Volkswagen Painting Project has been awarded recognition from the client.


  • Shanghai Zhaohui has consistently received quality awards from clients such as COSCO Shipping Group and China Merchants Group for multiple consecutive years.



Industry Recognition 

  • The self-cleaning mechanical oil mist purifier has been selected for inclusion in the Directory of New Technologies and Products of Jiangsu Province.


In December 2023, MEGAUNITY's self-cleaning mechanical oil mist purifier was listed in the Directory of New Technologies and Products of Jiangsu Province, becoming a key product that the provincial authorities are actively promoting for widespread application.

The MEGAUNITY mechanical oil mist purifier is suitable for various manufacturing scenarios including cutting, stamping, precision part processing, tool machining, engraving & milling, electrical discharge machining, and foundry operations. The equipment utilizes a composite glass fiber filter core, which boasts high purification efficiency, low operating resistance, long service life, and can effectively handle medium to small air volumes with intermediate particle concentrations while maintaining excellent economic performance and versatile adaptability. Notably, its filter core possesses a self-cleaning function, enabling it to promptly release captured oil mist during operation without requiring any auxiliary cleaning devices.

The successful inclusion of this product signifies that MEGAUNITY's R&D capabilities and product innovation prowess have been officially recognized and accepted by the market. This recognition will contribute to the ongoing improvement of production environments within Jiangsu Province and the broader Yangtze River Delta industrial region, further driving green development in industrial production processes.


  • Suzhou Megaunity Huanneng Technology Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a Private Science and Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province, as well as a Municipal Enterprise Technology Center at the Suzhou City level.


In November 2023, Suzhou Megaunity Huanneng Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a "Private Science and Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" by the Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprises Association. Subsequently, in December of the same year, it was designated as a "Municipal Enterprise Technology Center" at the Suzhou City level by the Suzhou Municipal People's Government.

Megaunity Huanneng, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Megaunity Air System Co., Ltd., has achieved advanced industry levels in terms of product quality, performance, and appearance design. The company has seen rapid growth in sectors such as lithium battery manufacturing, marine ventilation, and the papermaking industry, with its products being exported to markets in Southeast Asia and Europe. In August 2022, Megaunity Huanneng was selected for the "2022 Gusu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Leading Talent Program," and in 2023, it was honored with the title of "China Hidden Unicorn Enterprise."

Since its establishment, MEGAUNITY has consistently adhered to the business philosophy of "Customer First," continuously creating value for its clients, with customer recognition serving as a driving force for the company's progress. Looking forward, MEGAUNITY will continue to leverage its strengths and dedicate itself to providing more efficient and safer industrial production environment air system solutions, ensuring green and safe production, and making greater contributions to the cause of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

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