Practicing Social Responsibility | MEGAUNITY Environmental Energy in Suzhou Sponsors the Reading Festival Event at One Arrow River Experimental Primary School with Love and Support

On December 28th, the "MEGAUNITY Cup · The Most Beautiful Voices by One Arrow River" Third Campus Reading Festival at One Arrow River Experimental Primary School in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City was successfully concluded. During the event, a donation ceremony was held where Principal Shen Lingfang of One Arrow River Experimental Primary School expressed heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the school to the benevolent donating enterprise – Suzhou MEGAUNITY Environmental Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Qian Xia, the Director of Human Resources at MEGAUNITY, attended the ceremony as a representative of the company.

Suzhou MEGAUNITY Environmental Energy has been an active co-builder of the reading festival series activities at One Arrow River Experimental Primary School. In the first half of the year, during a town-level science and technology event, the company donated books valued at 5,000 yuan to the school. For this year's reading festival, all the prizes were provided by MEGAUNITY. Looking ahead, MEGAUNITY is committed to continuing its support for the school's reading festival series activities, contributing to fostering a strong reading atmosphere and ensuring that the presence of books accompanies children's growth in a more enriching way.




Since its establishment, MEGAUNITY Group has consistently placed equal emphasis on corporate social responsibility and business development, particularly focusing on education and the growth of young people. The company actively embodies its social responsibility through practical actions.

Over the years, MEGAUNITY has continually donated supplies, books, and other materials to neighboring primary schools.
- Since 2010, the company has established the MEGAUNITY Public Welfare Scholarship, annually sponsoring several middle school students to complete their junior and senior high school education.
- In 2010, Chairman Yao Weiguo participated in the "Dream Library" public welfare project of the CEIBS E10SH2 class and took part in the construction activities for Dream Libraries located in Yunnan's Nujiang area, Kaili, Guizhou Province, and Tianshui, Gansu Province.
- In 2017, a donation of teaching equipment, including computers, amounting to 100,000 yuan was made to Shanhou Township, Bayan County, Heilongjiang Province.
- Since 2014, MEGAUNITY has continuously focused on the cultivation of principals in remote areas, supporting the "Good Principal Growth Plan" to provide better educational resources for children in underdeveloped regions of China.
- From 2019 to 2022, the company has consecutively supported educational initiatives for four years through platforms like Tencent's "99 Giving Day," raising funds for projects such as "Providing Good Principals for Rural Children." Over this period, MEGAUNITY mobilized 2,878爱心 partners, with MEGAUNITY employees collectively raising over 330,000 yuan in charitable donations.
- In 2022, MEGAUNITY provided funding to purchase learning equipment for disadvantaged children's families...

Education is the cornerstone of national development. MEGAUNITY will persistently focus on the education sector, proactively undertake social responsibilities, and adhere to an operational philosophy of "Customer First, Employee Growth, Company Development, and Social Progress," striving to create more value for customers, employees, and society, while contributing the power of MEGAUNITY people.

Image Source: @One Arrow River Experimental Primary School

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