Looking back at 2023丨Moving towards the light, advancing steadily to reach distant goals.

Time marches on with the sun and moon, ushering in a new era; all that has passed becomes the prologue. Looking back at 2023, it was a year of focused progress and steady advancement for MEGAUNITY.

MEGAUNITY continued to deepen its commitment to industrial production environment air systems solutions, focusing on air conditioning, waste gas treatment, and energy conservation and recovery.

In order to meet customers' needs for pollution reduction, energy conservation, and carbon reduction in industrial production processes, MEGAUNITY, leveraging its years of technological accumulation, upgraded and optimized its products and systems. Tailored solutions were chosen based on the unique characteristics of different air sources and waste gas compositions, greatly reducing the environmental burden of industrial emissions. This not only reduced energy consumption but also lowered operating costs, thereby creating greater value for customers.

Dust removal projects for large-space equipment manufacturing enterprises in major equipment manufacturing industry.


Welding fume dust removal projects for large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprises.


During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, China has deeply advanced its energy revolution, with energy production and consumption continuously transitioning towards cleaner, low-carbon, and safer, more efficient models. Currently, China is the world's largest market for renewable energy and equipment manufacturing, emerging as a major force in global green and low-carbon transformation. MEGAUNITY actively develops and launches multi-scenario air systems solutions catering to various stages of lithium-ion battery production and new energy vehicle manufacturing processes, meeting the demands of both domestic and international industry clients for process ventilation, dust removal, dehumidification, organic waste gas treatment, NMP recovery, and heat recovery. These efforts help customers achieve green production.


Renowned Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturer's VOCs Treatment Project


MEGAUNITY's products and services have gained recognition from clients and the industry, earning multiple honors and awards, which constitutes a strong affirmation of the company's technical capabilities and service standards.


MEGAUNITY's HVAC air-side solutions have been applied to China's first domestically-built large cruise ship, the "ADORA MAGIC CITY" and Chairman Yao Weiguo was invited to attend the ship's naming and delivery ceremony.




Looking back at 2023, MEGAUNITY showcased its industrial production environment air systems solutions with great impact at multiple exhibitions in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Dalian, drawing a large and enthusiastic crowd and demonstrating remarkable presence. At these events, the company engaged in in-depth communication and exchanges with professionals from various hot sectors across the upstream and downstream of the new energy vehicle industry chain, advancing collaboration and striving for mutual success.





The robust development of China's new energy industry has brought about new opportunities, and MEGAUNITY's products and system solutions meet the standard requirements for production environments both domestically and internationally. In the future, we will help more Chinese new energy enterprises expand globally, allowing the international market to witness the strength of Made in China.

Moving forward towards the light, advancing steadily to reach distant horizons: In 2024, the MEGAUNITY team will take new strides and embark on a fresh chapter. We will continue to uphold our corporate values of innovation, specialization, integrity, and mutual success, setting our sights high while remaining grounded, contributing the wisdom and efforts of the MEGAUNITY people to drive green development forward.

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