The JGJ 353-2017 Specification Publicity Conference was Successfully Held

In order to thoroughly implement the “Specifications for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design of Welding Plant” JGJ 353-2017 Publicity Conference (hereinafter referred to as“Specifications”), giving further play to the role of regulation, guidance and support for the industry, a Specifications Publicity Conference, sponsored by China Academy of Building Research, undertaken by Dalian MEGAUNITY Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd., was held in Beijing on November 16-17, 2017. A large number of experts and scholars and professional company representatives were invited to the conference. 


At the conference, Zou Yu, Secretary General of the Technical Committee on Standardization of Building Environment and Energy Saving of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Mr. Lu Bin, Associate Dean of the Institute of Building Environment and Energy Conservation, China Academy of Building Research, and Wu Keshi, Secretary General of the VOCs Pollution Prevention and Control Committee of the All-China Environmental Federation, expressed the heartfelt gratitude to all the participating units and experts, and gave a welcome speech to the publicity. Mr. Yao Weiqiang, as the General Manager of the organizer Dalian MEGAUNITY Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd., addressed the meeting and wished the conference a complete success. 


The publicity conference kicked off with the congratulations of the leaders. Ms. Li Wei, Senior Engineer of China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd., Ms. Zhao Ju, Professor-level Senior Engineer of SIPPR Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Ms. Zheng Xiang, Director of Industrial Research Office, Institute of Building Environment and Energy Conservation, China Academy of Building Research, Dr. Sun Deyu of the Institute of Building Environment and Energy Conservation, China Academy of Building Research, Mr. Jiang Yongdong, General Manager of LangDhua (Beijing) Cloud Energy Keji Co., Ltd. explained the application of the specification from various levels and aspects, and delivered the publicity of ten chapters including the general provisions, basic provisions, terminology, indoor and outdoor calculation parameters, heating, ventilation, cold and heat sources of air conditioning, detection and monitoring, noise insulation and vibration isolation, heat insulation and corrosion protection.Mr. Fu Mingzhi, Director of MEGAUNITY Business Line, gave a case study on the environmental control technology of the welding plant, proposed a control solution for the high-space smoke and dust, and used MEGAUNITY’s newly developed air conditioning dust remover to achieve constant temperature, constant humidity control and pollution removal, which is recognized and praised by the participating experts and various units in the industry. 


Through this publicity, the national safety production, energy conservation and emission reduction policies have been implemented, and an indoor working environment that meets occupational health requirements shall been created to ensure safe production and improve energy efficiency, so that there are standards in the industry. As the executive unit of the specification, MEGAUNITY will be based on environmental protection, conduct innovation, relying on China’s huge market potential, to build a strong and sustainable competitive advantage, and play the wisdom of MEGAUNITY people on the big stage of the new era, in order to win the battle for blue sky and build a beautiful ecological environment to make more contributions! 

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