Promoting Green and Low-carbon Development | MEGAUNITY Attends the 2023 Tianjin Coatings and Finishing Industry Annual Meeting

On November 29th, the "2023 Tianjin Coatings and Finishing Industry Annual Meeting and Green Low-carbon High-quality Development Forum" with the theme of "Low-carbon Innovation and Win-win Cooperation" was successfully held in Tianjin. The conference was hosted by the Architectural Coatings Special Committee of the Tianjin Building Materials Industry Association, with nearly 200 attendees, including leaders from relevant government departments, industry experts, enterprise representatives, and industry media. Megaunity Air System Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as a co-organizer and engaged in industry development and technical exchanges with the guests, discussing industry prospects and exploring future development directions together.



The conference focused on sectors such as Tianjin's industrial policies, intelligent manufacturing for coatings enterprises, effective integration of upstream and downstream industries, and green development in the industry. Leaders from relevant government departments and representatives from coating industry experts, scholars, and industrial chain enterprises delivered thematic reports at the meeting, interpreting and sharing industrial policies and industry information, conducting in-depth analyses of industry characteristics and development trends, and jointly promoting high-quality development of the coating industry in the Tianjin region.


During the meeting, Gongzheng Liu, Deputy General Manager of MEGAUNITY's VOCs Business Division, shared insights on the technology and processes for VOCs management in the coatings industry. He engaged with experts and scholars in discussing common issues encountered in the process of VOCs management in the coatings industry and presented practical examples of energy conservation and emission reduction applications. This collaborative effort aimed to propel green, clean, and sustainable development within the coatings industry.



The conference adopts a meeting and exhibition combined format, providing a platform for business communication among enterprises. In the enterprise display area, MEGAUNITY showcased its VOCs system solutions suitable for the coating industry, conducting in-depth exchanges with attending guests, allowing them to more fully understand MEGAUNITY's technical advantages and system design capabilities in the field of coating applications.




MEGAUNITY consistently adheres to the business principle of "Creating Value for Customers." Based on users' actual operating conditions, MEGAUNITY provides customized VOCs system solutions, helping clients achieve their goals of reducing operational costs and conserving energy while meeting environmental standards. MEGAUNITY has successfully collaborated with multiple industry-leading coating companies, resulting in successful project cases that have earned customer recognition and praise.


With a mission of "Focus on ECO, Create and Enjoy a Fresh World," MEGAUNITY fully utilizes its technological advantages. In the future, MEGAUNITY aims to work with more customers to create green and energy-efficient production environments, continuously driving the coating and painting industries towards low-carbon development and high-quality growth.


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