MEGAUNITY builds safe and effective VOCs exhaust solutions for fine chemicals companies

Fine chemical industry is the strategic focus of chemical industry development, involving many subdivided industry categories. In the production process of fine chemical products, many production links have VOCs exhaust emissions, and most of the emission sources are not organized emissions. These organic substances are easily volatilized and dispersed in the air, causing harm to human health and the environment. In recent years, provinces and cities have implemented strict cleaner production audits on enterprises involving chemical substances in the list of priority control chemicals, and the difficulty of VOCs management in the fine chemical industry is to effectively collect and treat all emission sources.
A large fine chemical company plans to install an exhaust gas system for its new production line. MEGAUNITY customized a set of VOCs governance system based on the actual production conditions of the plant to meet the needs of the owners for the governance of multiple production lines, while ensuring the safe and stable operation of the system to help the company achieve cleaner production goals. By optimizing the system design, the operating cost is also saved for the owner.


Project Overview

▪  The production conditions of different products vary greatly, and the system should meet the waste gas treatment requirements of multiple production lines at the same time.
▪  The system air volume is set to 10000Nm3/h and the pressure is 1.6Mpa.
▪  The main components of the waste gas include ethane, a variety of aldehydes, acids, alcohols, esters and other VOCs waste gas and flammable gases.



Exhaust gas from several production lines is collected, reduced pressure, and sent to the RTO treatment unit. MEGAUNITY adopts the treatment scheme of pretreatment +RTO equipment. After pretreatment, the collected exhaust gas stabilizes the exhaust gas pressure and concentration, ensuring that the exhaust gas entering the RTO device can be safely and stably oxidized and decomposed. The purification efficiency of the RTO device is more than 99%, ensuring the stable discharge of the treated gas.

(1) The RTO system adopts constant pressure design, which can automatically achieve pressure balance, adjust the RTO to handle air volume according to the production situation, and reduce the operating cost;
(2) The RTO equipment adopts MEGAUNITY patent flat push valve with good sealing performance and achieves milligram emission;
(3) The modular structure design can maximize the use of space and reduce the floor area;
(4) Under appropriate concentration conditions, self-sustaining operation can be achieved without additional energy input and low operating costs;
(5) Multiple security interlock protection procedures to ensure safe and stable operation of the system.


Project Style

The project has completed acceptance and continued stable operation, and the exhaust gas emission concentration after treatment meets the relevant national and local standards such as "Volatile Organic Compounds Emission Standard Part 6: Organic Chemical Industry" (DB37-2801.6-2018).

MEGAUNITY has a professional technical team, with excellent system design capabilities, from the perspective of users, on the basis of meeting the environmental requirements, to provide customers with efficient, stable and safe industrial production environmental air solutions. MEGAUNITY's VOCs exhaust gas solutions have been successfully applied in paint, coating, fine chemicals, medicine and other fields, winning wide recognition and praise from customers, helping customers create a green and energy-saving production environment, and promoting the high-quality development of the industry.


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