Environmental engineering teachers and students of Dalian Ocean University visited MEGAUNITY

On October 10, 2023, MEGAUNITY Dalian Production and Development Base received a visit from teachers and students of environmental engineering majors of Dalian Ocean University.
Mr. Yan Dong, Director of MEGAUNITY Marketing Department, warmly welcomed the visiting teachers and students and introduced the company's development history, corporate culture, main business areas, technical advantages and customer recognition in detail, so that the students had a comprehensive understanding of MEGAUNITY Group.


Yan Dong, Director of Marketing, introduces MEGAUNITY


After that, Yang Fan from Marketing Department led the students to visit MEGAUNITY Dalian R&D Center laboratory, enterprise exhibition hall and production workshop to see various products and equipment up close. CAI Yukun, director of the Research and Development Department laboratory, explained the experimental equipment and product knowledge in detail, so that the students could feel the technical strength of the company more directly. At the same time, the students have a deeper understanding of their major and employment direction.
Yang Fan explained in detail the functions of each production area of the workshop, the fine management of each link, and the safety of production, etc. The students realized that the detail control of the production process is of great significance to the quality of the products.


CAI Yukun, director of the Research and Development laboratory, led the teachers and students to visit the exhibition hall


After the visit, the visiting teachers and students expressed their sincere gratitude to MEGAUNITY for providing the students with an extra-curricular practice base. MEGAUNITY Personnel Manager Zhang Tong said that MEGAUNITY is willing to provide a learning platform for students who are aspiring to join the cause of environmental protection and energy conservation, hoping to have more opportunities for exchange and cooperation in the future.
MEGAUNITY is committed to becoming a leading provider of ambient air systems for industrial production, providing customers with air conditioning, waste gas treatment, energy conservation and emission reduction products and services. In addition to focusing on its own development, it also actively provides extracurricular visit and internship opportunities for college students studying related majors, and has become an extracurricular practice base for students majoring in environmental protection in Dalian Minzu University, Dalian Ocean University and other colleges and universities, providing young students with close contact with enterprises and opportunities to broaden their horizons.


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