MEGAUNITY's VOCs system ensures safe and stable production for the world's top 500 paint companies

Organic solvents such as alcohols and esters used in the paint manufacturing industry in its production process will volatilize to produce VOCs (volatile organic compounds), endangering human health and the environment. VOCs purification system is a coating enterprise must be equipped with exhaust gas purification facilities, required to be equipped with VOCs purification system must have excellent quality technology, high purification efficiency and reliable safety protection conditions.

In order to further optimize its production environment, a world top 500 coatings company upgraded the existing VOCs processing facilities. MEGAUNITY designed and implemented a set of VOCs waste gas treatment system in response to the requirements of the bidding documents and combined with the actual needs of users, which effectively improved the waste gas treatment efficiency and reached the emission standard. And help customers to achieve the requirements of reducing operating costs.


Project Profile


Construction scale: designed total air volume 92000m3/h;
Main components of waste gas: toluene, xylene, acetone, alcohol, ester, etc.
There are many exhaust gas emission points, the total exhaust gas air volume is large, affected by the production characteristics of the coating industry, the organic exhaust gas concentration fluctuates greatly with the production period.
Organic waste gas has many components and high boiling point components, so it needs to be designed specifically.




This project adopts three-tower structure RTO equipment with high stability, high purification efficiency and high heat storage efficiency in the industry, with heat storage efficiency ≥95%, effectively reducing external energy supply and system operating costs; At the same time, the purification efficiency of RTO is ≥99% to ensure stable emission standards.

(1) The pretreatment device is added to adsorb the high boiling point substances in the exhaust gas and extend the service life of the zeolite runner.
(2) The RTO equipment adopts MEGAUNITY patent flat push valve, which has good sealing performance and improves purification efficiency.
(3) The modular structure design can maximize the use of space and reduce the floor area.
(4) The waste gas collection system has been optimized to reduce the cost of waste gas collection, transportation and operation.
(5) The system can adjust the concentration ratio of zeolite runner by itself, adjust the concentration of concentrated exhaust gas, and achieve self-sustaining operation without additional energy input and low operating costs.
(6) Multiple security interlock protection procedures to ensure safe and stable operation of the system.


Project Style




The project has been accepted and maintained stable operation. After treatment, the emission concentration of the waste gas meets the Emission Standard of Atmospheric pollutants in coating, ink and Adhesive Industry (GB 37824-2019) and the Class A of the Environmental Affairs Office Atmospheric Letter [2020] 340 enterprise ", "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants" (DB32/4041-2021) and other relevant national and local standards.
MEGAUNITY has successfully implemented effective VOCs system solutions for domestic and foreign customers in the coating, painting, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries according to the actual working conditions of users. Megaunity can not only meet the needs of environmental protection standards, but also create a safer and more stable VOCs governance system through system design optimization, and help users save operating costs. Build a greener and more energy-efficient production environment.


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