Megaunity provides the entire ship ventilation system for the first domestically produced large-scale cruise ship "Adora Magic City".

Large cruise ships are hailed as the most dazzling gems in the shipbuilding industry and currently the most complex electromechanical products in the world. The number of parts alone exceeds 25 million, which is equivalent to five times the number of components in our domestically produced large aircraft and 13 times that of the high-speed train Fuxing. According to estimates, a cruise ship can drive an industry scale of over a hundred billion.

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Government issued the "Action Plan for Promoting High-quality Development of International Cruise Economy in Shanghai (2023-2025)", which includes six specific objectives, such as enhancing the independent operation capability of cruise ships and establishing the Asia-Pacific cruise shipyard base. It focuses on five aspects, including expanding the headquarters economy of cruise ships, and proposes 20 measures. The goal is to form a Shanghai model of cruise economy development consisting of "hub port + headquarters port + manufacturing port", further consolidating the status of the Asia-Pacific regional comprehensive hub port, and enhancing the driving effect of the headquarters-type economy of cruise ships, and preliminary forming the cruise ship manufacturing and supporting industry system.

The first domestically produced large cruise ship "Adora Magic City" which completed its first trial voyage in July is expected to be delivered by the end of this year, marking a historic moment in the shipbuilding industry and filling the gap in domestically produced large cruise ships. It is a significant breakthrough in the construction of large cruise ships.

Shanghai Megaunity Ventilation Engineering Co., Ltd. provided the HVAC air-side solution for the first large luxury cruise ship in China and undertook the construction task of the "Adora Magic City" cruise ship's ventilation engineering. Mr. Cong Zhiliang, Chairman of Shanghai Megaunity Ventilation Engineering Co., Ltd. recently gave an interview to Shanghai Dragon TV's "China Yangtze River Delta" program, recounting the journey of Chinese cruise ship suppliers from exploration to breakthrough.




Previously, Shanghai Megaunity has provided ventilation systems for large luxury cruise ships and passenger ferries from countries such as Europe and Japan. The product quality and technical strength have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers. In the future, Megaunity will fully leverage its own advantages and become an important member of the domestic cruise ship supply chain, contributing to the high-quality and rapid development of the domestic cruise ship industry.

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