Megaunity Portable Welding Smoke and Dust System Solution Appears at Essen Exhibition

On June 30, the 26th Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition was officially concluded in Shenzhen International Holdings International Convention and Exhibition Center. International well-known enterprises from all over the world gathered at this welding industry event to show their best products and welding solutions in the welding industry.

As a high-quality service provider of industrial production ambient air system, Megaunity mainly demonstrated the comprehensive treatment system solutions for welding fume and dust removal under different working conditions, such as automatic welding production line for metal processing, Laser beam welding room, manual welding station and large space welding workshop, to provide professional services throughout the life cycle, while minimizing energy consumption and creating greater value for customers.




At the exhibition site, many industry elites came to Megaunity booth for communication and exchange. With the careful explanation of Megaunity's technical team and sales partners, the audience fully understood Megaunity's technical strength in the field of welding fume dust removal. In particular, the CF type welding fume and dust removal integrated machine for Robot welding fume and the core product of dust removal and temperature control system for large space - air conditioning dust remover, which was exhibited in kind, received great attention.





Suzhou Megaunity Air System Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Dalian Megaunity Environmental technology Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1994, and is a national "little giant" enterprise specializing in fine, special and new products. After years of development, Megaunity has achieved remarkable results in the field of welding dust removal, and has reached project cooperation with leading enterprises in industries such as automobiles, locomotives, and heavy industry. With professional system design capabilities and thoughtful engineering operation and maintenance services, Megaunity has won unanimous praise from customers. In the future, Megaunity hopes to provide more users with an efficient, comfortable, and energy-efficient production environment, and work tirelessly towards the goal of clean and green production and dual carbon.


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