Megaunity Welding Smoke Solution to Create a Clean and Efficient Workshop Production Environment for a Key State owned Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise

The production process of large and heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is often accompanied by a large amount of smoke and dust. Many factories have put forward more scientific and standardized solutions for welding smoke control based on considerations such as better ensuring the physical health of employees and maintaining the air quality of the welding operation environment. A key state-owned equipment manufacturing enterprise has proposed the need to add welding smoke and dust removal facilities to improve the production environment of welding workshops. Megaunity has designed and implemented a comprehensive dust removal and temperature control system for it, with a smoke and dust treatment efficiency of nearly 100%. This not only meets the customer's requirements for clean production environment in the workshop, but also reduces operating energy consumption.


Project Overview


  • Large tonnage carbon steel welding workshop;
  • Ensure effective capture of smoke during the continuous welding process of large tonnage workpieces;
  • Realize the source capture and control of welding smoke at the welding station in the workshop, and achieve environmental protection and occupational health indicators;
  • Not generating excessive energy consumption;
  • Welding operations are not disturbed.


Megaunity Solution

This project has developed a comprehensive dust removal and temperature control plan for on-site dust production conditions.

  • The capture system has a beautiful appearance and structure, convenient installation and maintenance, stable operation, high smoke and dust collection efficiency, and avoids light pollution;
  • The ventilation and dust removal purification system adopts a displacement ventilation layered air supply method, which applies many mature and advanced air treatment technologies to meet the requirements of purifying welding smoke and dust while also achieving higher energy-saving and environmental protection requirements;
  • In different seasons and climate conditions, the intelligent air supply system can intelligently switch operating modes based on indoor and outdoor conditions, and also use outdoor fresh air to eliminate indoor loads, thereby reducing energy consumption;
  • In summer, efficient refrigeration units are used to control temperature and intelligently adjust the temperature of fresh and return air, improving the quality of the working environment for indoor production personnel.


Project Style


Integrated dust removal and temperature control system


Local sealed capture and purification system


Governance effectiveness

During production, the dust concentration in the workshop complies with the "Occupational Exposure Limits for Hazardous Factors in Industrial Places" (GBZ2-2007), with a harmful dust concentration of ≤ 4mg/m ³ Requirement: The discharged gas shall comply with the requirements of GB16297-1996 "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants" and DB37/2376-2019 "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Regional Air Pollutants", and the outdoor particulate matter emissions shall not exceed 10mg/m ³ Requirements. The equipment and indoor system noise comply with national standards and requirements such as GBJ 87-85 "Design Specification for Noise Control in Industrial Enterprises" for the overall dust removal and temperature control system scheme.

Advantages of Megaunity Welding Smoke Dust Removal System

The Megaunity welding smoke and dust removal system can achieve excellent treatment results in large factories in industries such as automotive vehicles and components, high-end equipment manufacturing, etc. Customers can choose to equip it with temperature and humidity control units, providing a comfortable working environment for workshop personnel, ensuring air quality and temperature control in the factory, and meeting the needs of energy conservation, consumption reduction, and convenient maintenance. Megaunity is willing to establish project cooperation with more users to create a green and energy-saving production environment.

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