The drafting working group meeting of the national standard for welding smoke and dust was successfully held in Megaunity

On June 10th, the drafting working group meeting of the "Welding Dust Capture and Separation Equipment" series of national standards, sponsored by the National Welding Standardization Technical Committee and organized by Suzhou Megaunity Air System Co., Ltd., was successfully held in the Megaunity Dalian factory area. The meeting invited Lv Xiaochun, Secretary General of the National Welding Standardization Technical Committee, and leaders and experts from relevant institutions, environmental protection equipment industry, and welding material industry to attend.



This meeting is the second working group meeting to draft the national standard for "Welding Dust Capture and Separation Equipment" for soliciting opinions. The attendees thoroughly discussed the technical details of the standard solicitation draft, revised the definitions of key terms, analyzed and confirmed relevant clauses, revised the doubts in the standard, and ultimately reached a consensus, laying the foundation for the development and subsequent work of the standard solicitation draft by combining the industry's understanding of welding equipment.

At the meeting, based on more than 20 years of experience in welding dust control, Megaunity proposed feasible opinions and suggestions, actively contributing Megaunity's wisdom and strength to the green development of the welding industry.

After the meeting, President Yao Weiqiang of Megaunity led attendees to visit Megaunity production workshop and introduced Megaunity welding smoke and dust removal series products and smoke and dust treatment system solutions, allowing attendees to have a more comprehensive understanding of Megaunity's system design capabilities and implementation experience in the field of welding smoke and dust treatment.



Megaunity has always adhered to the mission of "consolidating low-carbon technology and creating a fresh world", providing safe and efficient system solutions for industrial production environments. Megaunity will fully support the formulation and implementation of national standards, guided by technological innovation and product research and development, to create greater value for users in the welding field and make greater contributions to the welding industry.


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