Megaunity VOCs solutions help clean and efficient production of raw material pharmaceutical factories

  In the production process, pharmaceutical companies will use organic solvents with low melting point and good volatility, which will cause pollution problems when volatilized in the production process. If it is not effectively treated, it will not only emit strong odor in the workshop, endanger the human respiratory system, but also affect product quality and production efficiency.

  Megaunity has developed and implemented a set of efficient VOCs treatment solutions for a well-known pharmaceutical company, effectively solving the organic waste gas generated by multiple process links, ensuring the discharge of standards, and providing a safe and clean production environment for enterprises.

  Exhaust emission characteristics

  The exhaust air volume is large, the emission point is many, the composition is complex, and the concentration of exhaust gas is different.
  Part of the exhaust contains acid.

  Scheme selection principle

  Ensure the safe, stable and standard operation of the system;

  Exhaust gas solutions do not affect the original workshop production process;

  Adopt mature technology and equipment to realize the safe and stable operation of the system;

  The system layout is convenient for equipment installation, operation and maintenance, and easy to operate and manage;

  Complete process calculation to ensure system rationality.

  Mega and solution

  Due to the variable working conditions of the exhaust gas, combined with its own exhaust gas treatment technology advantages, take the high and low concentration of the method of stage treatment, the actual air volume can be stable and efficient operation between 25% and 120% of the design air volume. The overall modular design reduces footprint.

  The treatment process of high concentration VOCs waste gas is: regenerative thermal oxidation system (RTO), which can achieve temperature self-maintenance and reduce natural gas consumption under appropriate concentration conditions.

  RTO design Handling air volume: 15000 Nm/h

  RTO purification efficiency: ≥99%

  RTO heat storage efficiency: ≥95%

  The low concentration VOCs waste gas treatment process is: alkali washing + two-stage activated carbon adsorption, the proprietary double-layer design in the tower with the front-end patented product TAR BOX efficient mist eliminator, the adsorption efficiency is more than 20% higher than the traditional.

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