Dare to take the lead in the financial chain win-win! Yao Weiguo, chairman of Zhaohe, participated in the second phase of 2023 entrepreneurs sharing meeting in Xukou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

  On the afternoon of May 12, Xukou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, held the second phase of 2023 "Dare to be the first financial chain win-win" entrepreneur sharing meeting, and 11 entrepreneur representatives in the area gathered to discuss the development of high-quality industries, discuss the introduction of advanced talents, and jointly offer suggestions for the industrial development, talent introduction and innovation drive of Xukou.

  Weiguo Yao, chairman of Suzhou Megaunity Air System Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the sharing meeting, and shared on Megaunity's 29 years of innovation and entrepreneurship, talent introduction and retention mechanism.



  Before the meeting, the participants visited Wuzhong Technician College "Wuzhong Industrial Workers Ability Improvement Center" and "World Skills Competition China training base".




  At the meeting, Weiguo Yao, chairman of Megaunity, with the theme of "Talent leads innovation and development", focused on innovation-driven development, talent introduction and retention, government policies and services, combined with the company's 29 years of innovation and entrepreneurship, shared the relationship between talent leadership, entrepreneur self-construction and industrial development.

  Chairman Yao said that outstanding talents are the core competitiveness of enterprise development, and enterprises should pay attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents. Megaunity has implemented various incentive policies, provided employees with a good working environment and development opportunities, and realized the common growth of enterprises and employees.

  He also said that "zero carbon" is an inevitable trend in the future, under the dual drive of active government policies and scientific and technological innovation, Megaunity actively introduces scientific and technological talents, technology and product innovation, help more customers to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction, and accelerate the realization of "zero carbon" factories.


Weiguo Yao, chairman of Megaunity, shared the topic of "Talent leads innovative development"


   The Organization Department of Wuzhong District Party Committee, the District Science and Technology Bureau, and the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau respectively made a comprehensive, in-depth and accurate propaganda around the "1+2+3" talent policy system in Soochow. The entrepreneurs took talent leadership as the main axis, combined with their own development, went straight to the theme, respectively introduced the development status of their own enterprises, talent layout and outstanding problems.

  Jing Wang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Xukou Town, director of the CPPCC Working Committee, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, and director of the Economic Development Bureau, pointed out that entrepreneurs sharing will be an opportunity to know each other and enhance friendship, and through everyone's exchange and sharing, catalyze more opportunities for cooperation and conditions for innovation, and build a better platform for enterprises, provide higher space, and foster more daring power.

  Jing Wu, secretary of the Party Committee of Xukou Town, pointed out that Xukou has more than 2,000 industrial enterprises, and the majority of entrepreneurs are the most valuable force for the high-quality development of Xukou.

  Rusheng Feng, Deputy director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Wuzhong District, Hu Ying, Director of the Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Wuzhong High-tech Zone, as well as Wu Jing, Wang Jing, Qian Weifang, Zhang Lin and other town leaders attended the entrepreneur sharing meeting.

  (Part of the content is excerpted from: "Dare to be the first financial chain win-win Xukou Town held 2023 second entrepreneur sharing Meeting" @Wuzhong Beautiful Xukou)

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