Megaunity has delivered an effective oil mist treatment solution to a famous auto parts manufacturer

A large amount of airborne oil mist particle is produced during metalworking processes, such as turning, milling, drilling, and grinding, due to the use of metal cutting fluids, which is detrimental to workers’ health if exposed to it for an extended period. When the machining workshop is located near a residential area, a large number of oil mist, with a strong odor, will find its way out of the premises through its doors and windows, rendering residents’ life unpleasant. With its workers’ well-being in mind, a global top 500 auto parts manufacturer has decided to upgrade its existing purification system to create a healthier working environment. To help this manufacturer achieve such a noble goal, Megaunity has delivered an effective solution to treat the oil mist produced during the machining process. This solution adopts Megaunity’s proprietary technology and helps create an environment friendly to workers in a cost-effective manner, which is highly spoken of by our client.


Issues to Be Addressed

The existing electrostatic oil mist purifier is not up for the task of creating a cleaner working environment;
The existing electrostatic oil mist purifier requires regular cleaning and maintenance operations, with short maintenance intervals and a high failure rate;

The dense oil mist and strong odor present in the workshop adversely affect the surrounding environment and jeopardize workers’ health.

Megaunity's Solution

The treatment system adopts the local collection & centralized treatment design. It configures multiple mechanical oil mist purifiers equipped with self-cleaning filters, ensuring that the treated gas meets the indoor emission standard (≤0.3mg/m³), and reducing the maintenance cost by promising a longer maintenance interval. The solution also incorporates a customized odor control unit – an activated carbon filter – installed on the purifier to create a production environment friendly to workers and residents in surrounding areas.


Megaunity’s oil mist purification system has been successfully applied to various manufacturing scenarios such as cutting, stamping, precision parts machining, tooling, carving and milling, electrical discharge machining, and casting. Megaunity has cooperated with big names from both home and abroad, such as Volkswagen, JAC, BorgWarner, GROB, NGC, etc., and will continue to help more clients build a green production environment and reduce their operation and maintenance costs.

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