Megaunity has delivered an VOCs treatment system tailored for petrochemical enterprises

The petrochemical operations involve many different chemical substances, and the petroleum refining process alone produces hundreds of VOCs. The petrochemical sector emits the VOCs of wide variety, large quantity, and from widely distributed points, which are difficult to be quantified. Poorly treated VOCs will not only cause huge economic losses, but also environmental damage.


Recently, the VOCs treatment system designed and installed by Megaunity for a petrochemical enterprise has been successfully put into operation. The system minimizes the emission of exhaust gas during the production process. It adopts the RCO system with superior heat recovery performance, which reduces energy consumption and ensures that emission requirements are met.


The Characteristics of Exhaust Gas

Source: plant tail gas

Parameters: 80-500mg/m³(concentration); 50-80℃(temperature)

Operation hours: 8000 h/y

Emission requirement: non-methane total hydrocarbon ≤15mg/m³

Treatment Process

The solution incorporates a pre-treatment system + RCO system. The pre-treatment system uses a customized tilted insert bag filter to effectively remove tar, gum particles and other particulate matters from the exhaust gas to support the stable operation of the system; meanwhile, as required by the client, the system allows the online replacement of filter material, avoiding any interruption to the continuous operation process.

The RCO system adopts a five-chamber structure, with a designed total air volume of 150,000 Nm3/h. The system is electrically heated, with a working temperature of 400-450°C and heat recovery efficiency above 95%. It uses an imported high-performance catalyst with purification efficiency above 98%. The gas sealing system is equipped with Megaunity’s patented flat push valve, which promises a nearly “0 leakage” performance to cap the amount of emitted total non-methane hydrocarbons below 15mg/m³.


Megaunity delivers efficient and energy-saving organic waste gas treatment solutions and has cooperated with hundreds of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Sinotruck, Akzo Nobel, Nippon Paint, HEC, etc. We have delivered efficient VOCs treatment solutions for those in petrochemical, industrial coating, paint, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, pesticide, and other sectors, which treat around 26,000 tons of VOCs per year. Megaunity will continue to improve its solution delivering capabilities, helps clients create more values with the systems that operate efficiently and consume less energy, and contributes to the early achievement of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

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