Smoke and dust purification technology for CNC cutting machine tools in heavy industry

When using the desktop CNC flame plasma cutting machine to cut the steel, the steel is mainly melted and oxidized by high temperature flame to achieve the cutting purpose, so it is easy to produce a large amount of yellow-brown dusty smoke during the processing process, causing serious pollution to the air environment in the workshop. Due to the large amount of instantaneous dust generated by flame cutting, the flue gas has the characteristics of fast movement speed and high temperature, and at the same time considers the limit value of the plant structure and process requirements, and it is difficult to control the flue gas. According to the movement mechanism of high-temperature flue gas, it is found that the greater the suction speed of the air outlet, the higher the removal efficiency of particulate matter, and the shorter the residence period of the flue gas in the operation plant.

With the development of social economy, the application of CNC metal cutting machines in the heavy industry industry is becoming more and more common, especially CNC flame plasma cutting machines are widely used because of their low cost and high efficiency. However, the cutting machine will produce a large amount of smoke and dust during the working process, according to statistics, the flame plasma cutting machine works 8 hours a day to produce iron filings up to 30kg (to cut 10mm thick ordinary carbon steel plate as an example), and if the dust can not be treated in time and reasonably, it is easy to make employees suffer from occupational diseases and is not conducive to the control of product quality.
Therefore, it is necessary to control and process the dust generated by the flame plasma cutting machine in time with supporting dust removal equipment.

Soot generation

Plasma cutting machine is a kind of processing tool that uses the heat of high-temperature plasma arc to partially or partially melt or evaporate metal, and uses high-speed plasma to cut molten metal and form cuts. Therefore, when the flame plasma cutting machine cuts the steel plate, the molten iron will be "blown under" under the high-speed impact and quickly condense into dust with heat. The "smoke" formed by these dusts carries high heat, high energy and high activity.

Recommended soot control technology - bag dust removal filter section

Process principle

After the dust-containing air flow is sucked into the dust collector, fine dust particles accumulate on the surface of the filter bag to form a layer of "powder", further improving the filtration efficiency. Clean air passes through the filter bag and reaches the outlet. When cleaning is required, the cleaning controller issues a command to control the pulse valve and uses high pressure and low amount of compressed air to spray the filter bag. The compressed air can be sprayed and cleaned by timing or constant pressure difference, forcing the dust on the surface of the filter bag to fall into the ash hopper.

Application cases

Case 1: Flame cutting dust removal project of large forgings of a heavy industry enterprise
Equipment type: anti-condensation low pressure pulse bag filter

Air volume: 60000Nm/h

Application: large forging flame cutting production line

Project features: telescopic hood captures flue gas

The span is 7.8 meters, the height is 6.8 meters, and the unfolded length is 13.6 meters
Anti-condensation low-pressure pulse bag dust removal, outdoor emission

Fully automatic telescopic trap hood and host

Hood unfolded state


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