Lithium battery production workshop requirements, how to carry out lithium battery dust removal?

The lithium battery production workshop has strict requirements for environmental temperature and humidity, dust particles, etc. The dust removal technology used varies depending on the production process. In order to ensure product quality, lithium battery companies must strictly control the production environment. During the processing of lithium batteries, the electrodes and shells of the battery cells are cut, wound, stacked and welded, and various dusts are generated in these processes. Dust will affect the K value of lithium batteries, thereby affecting the quality of lithium batteries. The dust from some processes is explosive.

Lithium-ion batteries generally use lithium alloy metal oxide as the positive electrode material, graphite as the negative electrode material, and non-aqueous electrolyte. Specifically, it can be divided into positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolytes, separators, aluminum plastic films, etc. In the production process, attention needs to be paid to moisture, dust, burrs, metal particles. If not controlled, it is easy to cause electrolyte deterioration and leakage risk; The pressure inside the battery becomes greater; High resistance, high self-discharge phenomenon; Affect battery capacity, reduce service life and other issues.

China's battery industry is gradually maturing with new technologies. With the continuous expansion of a large number of lithium battery manufacturers, the environmental control requirements of the production workshop are becoming more and more stringent. The use of good dust removal facilities to control the dust in the plant is the first priority, and the available measures include closed equipment, ventilation and dust exhaust, exhaust dust or wetting and dust reduction. The process is easy to raise dust, if not treated in time, it will cause pollution to the production environment, for such fluttering dust, it is necessary to equip a dust hood at the dust production point, and a large air volume industrial dust collector can be selected to ensure that lithium battery dust is effectively collected. For important production processes, it is recommended to adopt a fully enclosed dust-free workshop, which can strictly control the temperature, humidity and dust of the environment during the production of products. Megaunity explosion-proof dust collector, specially developed for the production of lithium batteries, has the characteristics of compact structure, strong stability and convenient maintenance. The multi-stage filtration technology and perfect explosion-proof control technology are adopted to ensure that the product has a good production environment.

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