Large-scale development of lithium battery industry

How to ensure a safe and up-to-standard production environment

According to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the national output of lithium-ion batteries will reach 750GWh in 2022, a year-on-year increase of more than 130%, and the total output value of the industry will exceed 1.2 trillion yuan. The scale of the lithium battery industry continues to expand, and industry applications continue to accelerate, boosting the acceleration of the double-carbon process. At the same time, the problem of waste gas in the production process of lithium batteries cannot be ignored.

The production process of lithium batteries is long, and the production process of multiple processes is accompanied by a certain amount of smoke and dust. These dusts not only pose great hazards to operators and the working environment, but also affect battery safety and stability, and also increase the risk of fire and explosion. Using a properly designed exhaust gas treatment system and regular maintenance can effectively reduce the above risks and ensure that your production process is in a safe and compliant environment.

Lithium battery upstream material production

The upstream positive and negative electrode materials, electrolyte, separator and other auxiliary materials of lithium batteries will produce smoke, exhaust gas and energy consumption problems during the production process. Megaunity adopts different VOCs treatment solutions and dust removal solutions in combination with actual working conditions, and uses energy-saving heat exchange systems for energy recovery and utilization. The production process of lithium battery materials is very sensitive to the air environment. Megaunity’s air conditioning system keeps the temperature and humidity of the production environment within a certain range to ensure the quality and reliability of lithium batteries.

Production of new energy auto parts

For the production of mid-stream components, smoke and dust and oil mist generated during the production of batteries, motors, electronic controls, and chassis and other components, Megaunity's solutions for dust removal, oil mist control, and die-casting smoke and dust can effectively solve production problems in these scenarios .

Vehicle manufacturing

Vehicle manufacturers such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and special vehicles also face the problems of welding fume control and VOCs control in painting workshops. Governance experience, accumulated a large number of successful cases.

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