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The 17th session of China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2021) on April 12 to 17, 2021 in Beijing, China international exhibition center (new), the exhibition will be "Fusion and win-win Smart future "as the theme, fully interprets the intelligent machine tool manufacturing industry in the development of cutting-edge technology and development, with more than 1700 exhibitors from home and abroad to jointly promote the manufacturing of intelligent development.
Megaunity will display the international advanced oil mist & oil fume purification and smoke purification series of technical products in this exhibition, has successfully completed many well-known machine tool industry enterprise project cases, hope to bring more customers with high efficiency, high quality oil mist smoke purification solutions.


Oil Mist Purification Series


MEGAUNITY and German BRISTOL have joined hands in offering excellent services to customers, by combining high-quality oil mist purification products from Germany with Megaunity's excellent system design and project management capabilities.
All of our products meet EU CE standards with fire resistance certification obtained, and we can provide customized services according to different personal demands.

①Oil mist purifier CE certification

                       ②Product Authorization Letter 


Electrostatic Oil Mist Purifier

  • Germany high-voltage power module has been used more than 30 years, being one of the key characteristics of the electrostatic filter.
  • High-voltage ionization and collection filter: high efficiency, low energy consumption, no consumables, easy maintenance, and can block particles as small as 0.01 micron.
  • Patented electrostatic core make stable operation in aqueous cutting fluid.
  • Separate safety switch: prevent high-voltage electric shock accidents caused by misoperation to ensure the operators’ safety.
  • Stepless speed regulation: the required air volume is regulated on the site situation to reduce power consumption as well as achieving the highest purification efficiency.
  • Suitable for common water-based and oil-based cutting fluids.


Mechanical Oil Mist Purifier

  • Unique oil-resistant core provides high stable filter efficiency.
  • With outstanding self-release ability, the core has a longer service life.
  • as function of differential pressure indication and alarm.
  • Suitable for aqueous cutting fluid (emulsion).


Fume Treatment Series  


After years of technical cooperation and independent research and development, Megaunity has nearly 100 patents in soot purification. It has a full range of products of filter cartridge filtration, electrostatic adsorption, wet dust removal, bag dust removal, wet static electricity and other capture technologies, which can be tailored to create a full set of high quality system solutions for customers.


 ①Dust purifier CE certification 

②Flameproof certification of dust purifier  


Mobile Welding Soot Purifier

  • High-efficiency centrifugal fan design, strong suction, improve the efficiency of soot capture.
  • Imported suction arm, hover freely in long term, resist high temperature and corrosion, and not easy to break.


At the exhibition site, you can visit the real products, and there are professionals to explain the solutions applicable to the specific application scenarios of your industry. Welcome to visit the booth of Megaunity  Environmental.

Exhibition Traffic


1. Exhibition Hall Information

Name: China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)
Address: 88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, 101318, P.R. China


① Drive along Jingcheng expressway, exit from Huosha Road the direction of Houshayu to enter Huosha road, drive straight to Luoma round then turn right into Tianbei road, and follow the road signs to arrive at China International Exhibition Center.
② Drive along Beijing Capital Airport expressway, exit from Yanglindadao, drive along Linyin Road, Tianzhu east road, Tianbei Road to China International Exhibition Center.
③ Drive along Jingmi Road, turn west at Maliandian crossing into Tianbei Road, drive forward to China International Exhibition Center.
Public Transportation & Taxi
① Beijing Capital Airport→Venue: Take a taxi about 10 Kilometers to China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)
② Beijing Daxing Airport→Venue: Take Line Daxing airport to Caoqiao, transfer to Line 10 to Huixinxijienankou, then transfer to Line 5 to Dadunlu East, then transfer to Line 15 to China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). Take a taxi about 70-100 Kilometers.
③ Beijing Railway Station→Venue: Take Line 2 at Beijing Railway Station to Dongzhimen, transfer to Line 13 to Wangjing West, then transfer to Line 15 to China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). Take a taxi about 30 Kilometers.
④ Beijing West Railway Station→Venue: Take Line 7 at Beijing West Railway Station to Jiulongshan, transfer to line 14 to Wangjing, then transfer to Line 15 to China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). Take a taxi about 40 Kilometers.
⑤ Beijing South Railway Station→ New Venue: Take Line 14 at Beijing South Railway Station to Wangjing, then transfer to Line 15 to China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). Take a taxi about 40 Kilometers.
⑥ Subway: Line 15 to China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). Line 15 is connected to Line 5, Line 8, Line 13, and Line 14.
⑦ Bus: Please check online to learn about real time traffic route.
Free Shuttle
On April 12-17, 2021, Organizer and Co-organizers will arrange free shuttle to China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). Bus route will be announced later.Please check the website for

2.MEGAUNITY Booth Number:W1-A252

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