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With the rapid development of automotive lightweight, new energy, 5G infrastructure and other industries, the die-casting technology is gradually upsizing, while the corresponding environmental issues are becoming increasingly prominent. Die-casting flue gas often contains high-viscosity particulate components. Meanwhile, the instantaneous flue gas emission of medium and large die-casting machines is large. Therefore, how to efficiently capture and purify flue gases from fugitive emissions has become a problem faced by the industry. Megaunity has always adhered to the concept of "innovation-driven development", overcome industry problems and promoted the innovation of dust removal and purification technologies, and has developed proprietary dust removal treatment equipment for the characteristics of die casting process.


In conjunction with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technologies and Equipment Encouraged by the State (2020 Edition)" on January 15, 2021. In the Catalogue, one of the guidelines for supply and demand communication is: list of technical equipment supporting units.Megaunity's innovative product "medium and large die-casting machine dust removal equipment"has been selected as technical equipment for air pollution prevention and promotion, andMegaunity hasbecome a technical equipment supporting unit.

(Picture taken from the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China) 


The "Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technologies and Equipment Encouraged by the State (2020 Edition)" contains 162 major environmental protection technologies and equipment in 3 technical stages of development, application, and promotion, covering 9 key fields such as air pollution prevention, water pollution prevention and control, etc. The selection of the Catalog is aimed at accelerating the development and application of advanced environmental protection technology and equipment, and improving the overall level and supply quality of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry. In order to better play the guiding role of the Catalog, relevant national environmental protection departments have established an effective communication channel between equipment manufacturing enterprises and demand clients, and listed the main supporting units of each equipment in this Catalog for demand clients referring. After appraising through comparison, Megaunity's medium and large die-casting dust removal equipment was successfully selected into the catalog. The selection shows the full affirmation of the relevant national environmental protection departments for Megaunity's technical strength in the field of air pollution prevention and control.

Dalian Yaming Die-Casting Machine Flue Gas Purification Project

Die-casting machine flue gas purification project of an enterprise in Chongqing


In recent years, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has successively issued the "Specification for Application and Issuance of Pollutant Discharge Permit - Metal Casting Industry", "Code for Control of Volatile Organic Compounds Fugitive Emission" (GB-37822-2019), and "Foundry Industry Air Pollutant Emission Standards" (GB39726-2020), providing clear guidance and instructions for die casting flue gas treatment. The gradual strictness of environmental protection standards makes it imperative for the die casting industry to control flue gas.


Megaunity has been forging ahead for 26 years, and has always been committed to creating a clean world and contributing to Beautiful China. Megaunity empowers high-quality development with innovation and boosts exploration in new fields through R&D, thus constantly promotes the green, intelligent and sustainable development of environmental protection equipment, and constantly overcomes industry problems through technology research and development. At present, its medium and large die-casting machine flue gas treatment equipment has been successfully applied to the flue gas purification of multiple and different-tonnage die-casting machines. The system operates smoothly and reliably. All technical indicators meet the requirements of relevant technical conditions, the collection efficiency can reach more than 95%, purification efficiency can reach more than 92%, and the outlet concentration is lower than 1mg/m3 for a long time, far lower than the industry standard, therefore the working environment is greatly improved. In addition, the self-cleaning technology independently developed by Megaunity can effectively extend the service life of the core and reduce the maintenance cost, which is well received by clients.


In the future, Megaunitywill innovate and improve quality continuously, create value for customers based on the concept of "integrity, innovation, Succeed and win-win", andkeepworking hard to create a better tomorrow.

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