Goodbye 2020, hello 2021

Farewell to tough 2020

Full of tenacity and unyielding

Welcome to promising 2021

Full of expectations and longing

Megaunity people are grateful

Wish you all a happy New Year's Day and a soaring future!


 In 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has severely impacted the economies of all countries in the world. Laurence Bona, chief economist of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), once used a sentence "the world is experiencing the largest economic recession since World War II" to describe its severity. However, Megaunity actively focuses on the four themes of "innovation", "quality and reputation", "technology" and "public welfare", and turns finally "crisis" into "opportunity", laying a foundation for the company to enter a new track of rapid development.


Drive self-development withR&D innovation

At the beginning of 2020, the epidemic broke out, and Megaunity people actively contributed to the response to epidemic. Megaunity technical team completed the research and development of new products in just ten days - air disinfection equipment and disinfection solutions for public space ventilation and air-conditioning systems, which were positively affirmed and promoted by China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, the equipment has been tested and appraised by professional departments. Since then, good news has spread frequently. The air valve automation design software has obtained copyright certificate of the National Copyright Administration, the "15000m³/h die-casting flue gas purification system" project has passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal, and the "an oil mist purifier" patent has won the second prize of Dalian patent. Internationally, Megaunity continues to introduce advanced foreign technology, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TRM Filter, and has reached cooperation with German Walker and successfully completed the BMW dust removal project. Megaunity has enhanced the company's comprehensive strength through innovation, created more benefits for the company, and has also been widely recognized by clients!


In February,Megaunity's air valve automation design software obtained the copyright registration certificate

In February,Megaunity technical team completed the research and development of new air disinfection productsafter just a dozen days, which was positively affirmed and promoted by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, the Science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province and the Ministry of Science and Technology



In March, the air disinfection equipment successfully passed the inspection and appraisal of professional departments, andMegaunity was included in the list of national keyguaranteeenterprises for epidemic prevention and control


In July,Megaunity's Die-casting Flue Gas Purification System Project passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements


In July, Megaunity and TRM Filter formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement


In December,Megaunity's "an oil mist purifier"patentwon the second prize of Dalian Patent



Maintaining quality reputation, serving users well

The year of 2020 is the twenty-sixth year since the establishment of Megaunity. In the past 26 years, Megaunity always adhered to the service concept of "creating value for users" and adhered to "quality and reputation". The company has won the trust and support of many customers, among them, the Japan Taikisha and Canon have cooperated with Megaunity for 26 years, Germany Dürr has cooperated with Megaunity for 15 years, and Eisenmann, China Automotive Engineering, and the Ninth Institute of Mechanical Engineering have cooperated with Megaunity for more than 10 years. In this year, from marketing, technical solutions, manufacturing, project implementation, and after-sales services, all Megaunity people continue to carry forward the "iron cow spirit", actively coordinate, work hard, and come down to earth, and finally win praise and supports with high-quality products and services from CRRC, China Aviation Industry Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, CATL, Dongyang Pharmaceutical, Akzo Nobel, BMW and many other excellent domestic and foreign companies. In the fields of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, petroleum and petrochemicals, transportation, automobiles, lithium batteries and so on, Megaunity has achieved breakthroughs in performance. The company's annual performance has grown against the trend, and it has delivered a bright answer for the upcoming 2020.


VOCs governance project of a company in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry



VOCs governance project for a company in the petrochemical rubber industry


VOCs governance project of a company in the fine chemical industry


Explosion-proofand dust-removal project for an enterprise in the transportation industry (aerospace)


VOCs governance project for a company in the transportation industry (shipping)


Welding fume control project for a certain enterprise in the transportation industry (bus)


Laser welding dust removal project for a company in the automotive industry


 Using technical strength to help the industry progress


Since March 2020, Megaunity has successfully held 21 public welfare online industry technical seminars, and invited more than ten well-known experts and scholars in the industry, including Luan Zhiqiang, Secretary General of China Environmental Protection Industry Association; Professor Qiang Ning of Tongji University, Professor Xiu Guangli of East China University of Science and Technology, Professor Ye Daiqi from South China University of Technology, Senior Engineer Zhang Gangfeng from Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, and Dr. Fang Jianru from Dalian Yaming Automobile, etc. to help colleagues in all industries to jointly realize the improvement of product quality and technical capabilities, and help expand the international influence of China's environmental protection technology.

At the same time, Megaunity also participated in the organization of "Jilin Province Key Industries Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Treatment Technology Seminar" to help promote Jilin Province to comprehensively strengthen the comprehensive governance of volatile organic compounds in key industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical, industrial coating, packaging and printing, and improve the governance level of key industries; participated in the compilation of the "One Plant One Policy Technical Guide for the Comprehensive Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (T/ACEF 006-2020)". Facing the changes and embracing the future, Megaunity will definitely go hand in hand with environmentalists in the industry with a broader vision and more practical measures to promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry.

From March to December,Megaunity successfully held 21 public welfare online industry technical seminars

In November,Megaunity joined hands with TRM to participate in pharmaceutical machinery and API related exhibitions to provide industry users with air treatment solutions

In November,Megaunity participated in the compilation of "One Plant One Policy Technical Guide for the Comprehensive Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (T/ACEF 006-2020) (T/ACEF 006-2020)"

In November, Megaunity participated in the co-organization of "Jilin Province VOCs Governance Technology Seminar"

In December, Megaunity organized nearly a hundred channel dealers to seek industry development




Caring for public welfare, repayingthe public


During the epidemic, President Yao Weiguo appealed and led all Megaunity people to actively contribute to the fight against epidemic. Since the beginning of epidemic, President Yao Weiguo has donated nearly 300,000 yuan in donations and anti-epidemic materials on behalf of himself and Megaunity to Jilin Provincial Tuberculosis Hospital, China Medical University Affiliated First and Second Hospitals and other domestic and international epidemic-stricken areas through Changchun Environmental Protection Industry Association, Beijing Chunmiao Foundation, Liaoning Chamber of Commerce, Hubei Yangtze River Eco-Environmental Protection Foundation.


At the same time, Megaunity actively responded to China's poverty alleviation battle this year during the epidemic, donated CNY 10,000 to its partner assistance - Pan County, Guizhou Province, and also participated in the Alashan water-saving and MIUI plant adoption public welfare activity. Fan Weiwang, a high school student from Dalian Development Zone No. 8 Middle School, who was funded by Megaunity in 2009, voluntarily applied to support Leishenshan Hospital, and he is also the youngest doctor in Dalian Medical Aid Team for Hubei. Megaunity has inspired a new generation of young people to fulfill their social responsibilities through their actions. At a critical moment, Megaunity interprets the responsibility and duty of the enterprise and highlights the social value and mission.


In January,President Yao Weiguo ofMegaunity and his family made many donations to the disaster area through Beijing Chunmiao Foundation, Liaoning Provincial Chamber of Commerce, Hubei Yangtze River Ecological Environmental Protection Foundation and other institutions



In February,Megaunity donated air antivirus equipment to Jilin Province Tuberculosis Hospital


In February,Megaunity donated 100,000 yuan to the anti-epidemic area

In February, Yao Weiguo, president of Megaunity, donated anti-epidemic materials to the First and Second Affiliated Hospitals of China Medical University


In March,  Fan Weiwang who was funded by Megaunity joined the Dalian Medical Aid Team to support Leishenshan Hospital 


Yan Rongzhi issued bursaries to Fan Weiwang and other high school students in Dalian Development Zone on behalf of Megaunity

In March, all Zhaohe people and partners donated CNY 155,456 to the disaster area under theappeal ofpresident Yao Weiguo.


In June, Yao Weiguo,president of Megaunity,was participating in the Alashan water-savingand MIUI plant adoption public welfare activity


In September,Megaunity continued to pay attention to the "Good Principal Growth Plan" and once again launched the 99 Charity Days, raisingCNY 81,734.46 for donations,contributing to rural education


At the end of the year, we are about to wave goodbye to the extraordinary 2020. Looking forward to 2021, we are full of confidence and hope. Megaunity people will continue to deepen the field of waste gas treatment in the environmental protection industry, continue to improve the professional and technical capabilities of the team, concentrate their efforts, move forward courageously, and work hard to build a "beautiful China". The future is promising!

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