MEGAUNITY 25th Anniversary

On June 29, 2019, the 25th Anniversary of Dalian MEGAUNITY Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd. and the Day of Returning to the Family were held at the MEGAUNITY headquarters in Dalian. Chen Jieping, Honorary Professor of China Europe International Business School, Li Hongguo, President of the CEIBS Dalian Alumni Association, Zhao Xin, Secretary General of the CEIBS Dalian Alumni Association, Yao Weiguo, Chairman of MEGAUNITY, other leaders and MEGAUNITY staff, and employee’s families, nearly 400 people, attended the event.


At 8:30 in the morning, with the announcement of the host, the 25th anniversary of MEGAUNITY officially began. First of all, Yao Weiqiang, General Manager of MEGAUNITY, led the review of the 25years development course of MEGAUNITY from various dimensions such as enterprise upgrade, talent introduction, and business breakthrough and product innovation.


General Manager Yao introduced that the five-year period of MEGAUNITY was five years of pioneering an enterprise with painstaking efforts. Through unremitting efforts, the company opened a 25-year cooperation with Wuzhou Taikisha Engineering Co., Ltd., and established offices in Shenyang, Shandong and Shanghai in 1997. MEGAUNITY kept expanding the market and stepping out of Dalian for national development; the second five-year period of MEGAUNITY was the five years of exploring, We established a noise reduction test system with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced Japanese technology, upgraded pneumatic air valve products, increased investment in technology research and development, products and business upgrade; the third five-year period of MEGAUNITY was the five years of soaring. Through the optimization of quality and technology, and constantly winning the trust of customers, MEGAUNITY not only entered the automotive industry but also opened cooperation with the CAEP, Dürr and other major customers; the fourth five-year period of MEGAUNITY was five years of innovation and development. In 2010, MEGAUNITY successfully introduced oil mist purification technology, and established Shen MEGAUNITY Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, successfully entered into the field of environmental protection; the fifth five-year period of MEGAUNITY was the five years of successful transformation, the company won the recognition and trust of customers through continuous technology research and development, product upgrades and quality management, and successfully started overseas cooperation, machine tool cooperation mode and entry into new fields such as locomotives, medicine, and chemicals.



Navigation in the sea depends on the helmsman. The development of a company is inseparable from a good leader and decision-maker. Yao Weiguo, Chairman of MEGAUNITY, struggle-oriented, customer-centered, adhering to the “quality and integrity”, led the MEGAUNITY people through 25 years of development. At the celebration, Chairman Yao expressed gratitude to all the 1,600 employees and families who have worked in MEGAUNITY, and explained the development plan of MEGAUNITY in the future to all MEGAUNITY people from the six aspects of strategic positioning, market brand,technological innovation, product strategy, management strategy and talent strategy. He also said that he will continue to take the attitude of entrepreneurs, not forgetting his initial heart, bearing in mind the corporate mission of “creating a fresh world and building a beautiful China”, to lead all MEGAUNITY people to start a more brilliant 25 years in future.


At the celebration, Dalian MEGAUNITY Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd. was awarded as the “CEIBS Alumni Activity Base” and became the only CEIBS alumni activity base in Dalian.


MEGAUNITY has devoted the joint efforts of all employees, their families, customers, suppliers and partners to its 25-year development. In order to thank everyone for their efforts, MEGAUNITY specially arranged a variety of activities for the celebration, including the award ceremony, cultural performances, catering banquets, outdoor development and other activities.


Patriotism shall be “sung” out. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the motherland. At the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the MEGAUNITY, all the staff of the technical department and the operation department sang two songs of “Ode to the Motherland” and “My Motherland and Me” respectively, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland, and wish our country a happy birthday, prosperity and strength.


Chorus of Ode to the Motherland



Chorus of My Motherland and Me



MEGAUNITY outdoor development






Children’s Activity Area of MEGAUNITY’s Day of Returning to the Family







During the 25 years of same dream and orientation, 25 years of casting glory, MEGAUNITY people seized the opportunity in overcoming difficulties, accelerated development in the face of challenges. The 25 years was only a brief moment. 25 years of brilliant achievements are about to go down in history, a hundred years of dreams will set sail here.

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