Important Notice | Dalian MEGAUNITY Shares Changed its name!

On the afternoon of September 22, the first company limited company business license since the devolution at the municipal level of the Jinpu New District - Dalian MEGAUNITY Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd. was born! This is a gorgeous turn of Dalian MEGAUNITY since its establishment 22 years ago, and it also marks a more solid step for the company to go public!

For this share reform, MEGAUNITY has done a lot of preparatory work in the early stage. MEGAUNITY invited Guosen Securities, Zhong Lun Law Firm and Grant Thornton Accounting Firm to tease for a long time on the company’s historical evolution and legal compliance, correct the irregular work content, manage the unreasonable links and prepare for the next step of the company to go to public.

After 22 years of hard work, the company’s enthusiasm from the company to the joint stock company marks the company’s shift from personal governance to public governance, ownership from the family to the public, and the company’s management from closed to open Transparent operation, which also plays a very good role in supervising the company's normative operations.

While the MEGAUNITY is developing rapidly, it also feels the responsibility and pressure. The company will continue to build its core competitiveness, do a fine-grained, standardized management, to standardize the company’s operations, pay attention to the continuous improvement of organizational capabilities, and attract talents, cultivate talents, retain talents, and make talents successful, and save energy for the company as soon as possible on the road to public, creating blue sky and white clouds for future generations. Work in the present, benefit in the future! To create a fresh world, MEGAUNITY acts as an environmental protection person, will live up to expectations, keep the initial heart, join hands with people of insight in the community, and work together to improve the human living environment!

Dalian MEGAUNITY Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. Through 22 years of experience, the business philosophy of “providing customers with air control and exhaust gas purification system solutions, optimizing energy use and creating value for customers!” has become a direction of the company.

MEGAUNITY’s diversified business platform is dedicated to providing:

☆ Central purification air conditioning system

☆Electromechanical ventilation engineering

☆ Oil mist purification system

☆Fume purification system

☆VOC purification system

☆ System design

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