Exhibition dynamics: Megaunity debuts at CPhI China 2020 World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition

The 20th China World Pharmaceutical Raw Material Exhibition (hereinafter "API Exhibition") took place as planned at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zhaohe Environment made a brilliant debut with pharmaceutical chemicals and pharmaceutical dust removal products, sharing the industry event with more than 3000 domestic and foreign exhibitors.


Status facts


In this exhibition, Zhaohe Environment presented the RTO system model of organic exhaust gas treatment solution, which is excellently suited for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. At the same time, Zhaohe selected ECR and ECB series products towards pharmaceutical dust removal, showed its technical core parts, and attracted many professional exhibitors for intensive exchange with Zhaohe's marketing partners.




Technical exchange


In the afternoon of 16th December, Zhaohe Environment held a special technical exchange meeting on pharmaceutical and chemical VOC governance solutions that attracted dozens of professional customers to the meeting. At the same time, online viewers also attended the meeting synchronously via the live broadcast platform. Xu Tao, process engineer of Zhaohe Environmental System, introduced the audience in detail the VOC emission characteristics of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, focusing on VOC terminal treatment technology and selection principles. By focusing on "independent research and development and technology adoption," Zhaohe Environment continuously optimizes and improves VOC governance technology and can provide more users with safer, more efficient and better VOC governance solutions.


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