Development of automatic design software for Megaunity air valve products

In the age of intelligent manufacturing, the technology of rapid reaction of products is of great importance to improve the ability of enterprises to respond quickly to market demand and take a favorable position in market competition. However, the ideal is very full, but the reality is very thin. Under the harsh market competition, the design cycle is constantly squeezed, and the limited design time of the product design engineers is occupied by repetitive work such as drawing arrangement and parameter calculation. It is difficult to have time to optimize the product scheme, improve the design level and control the product cost. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

R&D background

After receiving the product order for air valves, the designer must calculate the design parameters, fitting selection and strength test, and then re-model according to the design parameters. the designer issues the design drawings and processing methods, then calculates the material consumption and material costs, and finally forms the design documents for production.

To reduce the workload of designers and improve the design efficiency and quality of air valve products. The technology department has developed the automatic design software of air valves, based on the company's more than 20-year experience in air valve design and product design parameter data, and has implemented the following functions:

• Automatically complete the calculation and improvement of design parameters; I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

• Automatic selection of accessories; I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

• Automatic assessment of product design type; I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

• Automatic evaluation and verification of data; I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

• Batch output of design documents with one click; I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

• Batch output of design drawings with one button; I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

• A key batch output of the process program; I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

• One click batch output of material details and cost accounting table;

There is no manual modeling and no need to check again and again. Click with the mouse to generate all drawing documents in one click in batch!!


Introduction of the software


Software Copyright (updated software copyright has been submitted for review)


Operation and main interface


The above figure shows the start page and document output interface of the design software. The output interface is unique and can be switched automatically according to the type of air valve. The types of air valves involved in the design software include handwheel straight blade air valve, handle straight blade air valve, electric straight blade air valve, pneumatic straight blade air valve, electric single blade round valve and pneumatic single blade round valve. The internal processing details of air valve products can also be freely chosen; The software operation adopts the method of key entry of product information/output of all drawings and documents, which is simple and fast.

As shown in the above video, it only takes less than three minutes to output all the drawing documents of two different types of air valve products.Since its application, this software has greatly reduced the repetitive work of designers such as drawing, modification, calculation and accounting materials, improved design efficiency and design quality, so that the company can respond to market requirements with rapid design capability and improve the competitiveness of the company's products.

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