An efficient and energy-saving way to tall space smoke and dust treatment

With the gradual improvement of national requirements for environmental protection, more and more enterprises attach importance to the treatment of welding dust and dust in the workshop.However, in the rail transit, ship, aerospace and other industries, due to the large workpiece processing, there's also the crane working, the traditional capture method is difficult to make the harmful smoke and dust get effective treatment.


Megaunity's distribued environmental control system for high smoke and dust space integrates the air conditioning system and the dust removal system into a complete set of equipment, and selects the best form of air supply and exhaust to treat the temperature, humidity and flue gas dust of the whole plant for different site conditions. To meet the production process requirements of temperature and humidity in the production workshop while ensuring the occupational heal requirements of employees in the work area.


Diagram of air distribution in cluster system 


Application industry


Rail traffic, General equipment, Shipbuilding, Aerospace,Electronic manufacture, Automobile manufacturing, Military industry manufacture, Engineering machinery 


System advantages


  • High efficiency: The air outlets are installed at the appropriate height with the highest capture efficiency(Welding dust gathering clouds). Low heat and humidity load.
  • Frequency conversion: no volute fan is used as the power source. The closed-loop frequency conversion control system can control the air flow and save energy.
  • Energy saving: The equipment is fully used for circular filtration without long distance transport
  • Flexible: Compact size, flexible installation, eliminating the large air duct system
  • Personalized: Centralized and decentralized input can realize stand-alone and cluster wireless management
  • Anti-risk: Stand-alone maintenance, stand-alone shut down, do not affect the overall situation


Comparison of electricity cost of different technical routes


Compared with the blow-and-suction system, the distributed air condition filter system saves about 700,000 yuan of electricity each year. (take the smoke treatment in a 10,000 welding workshop as an example) : 


Ps: the annual electricity charge is estimated at 1 yuan per kilowatt hour per working day for 12 hours, 300 days per working year, which is not the actual data.


Chengdu traffic equipment company tall space distributed environment control system case 



 Before comparison (The figure above)/After comparison (The following figure) 


At the end of March, MEGAUNITY Environmental successfully held aconsecutive public online technology seminar which takes the "tall space soot governance" as the theme, invited Zheng Xiang, Director of Industrial Building Environment and Energy Conservation Department, China Academy of Building Research, together with MEGAUNITY's design manager,senior engineer Yang Liang.Get theinformation of the first five “Industrial AirTreatment Technology Seminar”: 

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