MEGAUNITY invites you to fight the "epidemic" together

All employees, partners of Zhaohe, and all caring people from all sectors:


At the beginning of Gengzy Year, it was the Spring Festival when a sudden novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak occurred. When we reunite our family and celebrate the Spring Festival, there is such a group of people who leave their warm home and choose to go in the opposite direction. The majority of medical workers adhere to the front line and fight with virus day and night; the relevant departments fulfill their duties; all sectors of the society have extended their help to help each other. Numerous caring people have generously contributed and selflessly helped. All of them come to help Hubei and Wuhan, regardless of danger or death. Facing risks, they chose to help others first. It is their effort that protects us for peace and happiness.


An epidemic is an order, and prevention is the responsibility. Yao Weiguo, Chairman of Zhaohe Environment, and several employees of Zhaohe have personally donated tens of thousands of yuan through Beijing Chunmiao Charity Foundation, Liaoning Province Liaoning Chamber of Commerce, Hubei Changjiang Ecological Environmental Protection Foundation and other public welfare organizations to help prevent the epidemic. Although we cannot be on the frontline of the epidemic like "angels in white", we can send the love and the strongest support for them. In order to gather more love power, Zhaohe Environment issues the following initiatives:


Let us demonstrate our social responsibility with practical actions, actively participate and actively donate, and join together in the battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic! Let us act together and dedicate ourselves to fighting the epidemic. Starting from me, starting from now, we will overcome the difficulties together, and win this war through mass prevention and control. Let’s help our "angel in white" return triumphantly!


The epidemic spreading in Hubei has been drawing the greatest attention from us, let those who know endeavor, let all people unite in a concerted effort. Hope the epidemic will be eliminated soon and the patients will recover! Wish a contented people living in a country at peace! We firmly believe that love will spread faster than viruses!




Special announcement: Zhaohe Environment only supports the public welfare project as the initiator of this public welfare activity. All funds will be directly remitted to the account of Beijing Chunmiao Charity Foundation for the global procurement related expenses of epidemic prevention materials. All initiators and initiative units do not accept any sum.

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