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During the outbreak of SARS in 2003, the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong Taoda Garden was proved to have discharged the coronavirus biological aerosol gas through the air-conditioning system, causing infections on the residents living on middle and high floors. It has been confirmed that the ventilation and air-conditioning system has become an important medium for microbial breeding and viral aerosol transmission. 


On February 8, 2020, Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Working Group emphasized at the press conference that the novel coronavirus has the risk of aerosol transmission (aerosol transmission refers to that droplets are mixed in the air to form aerosols and cause infection after inhalation). 


Product design basis  


• General Hygiene Requirements for Air Disinfectors WS / T 648-2019 
• Hygienic Specification for Central Air Conditioning and Ventilation System for Public Places WS 394-2012 
• Hygiene Evaluation Code for Central Air Conditioning and Ventilation System for Public Places WS / T 395-2012 
• Specifications for Cleaning and Disinfection of Central Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems for Public Places WS / T 396-2012 
• Administrative Measures for Central Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Public Places (issued by the Ministry of Health in March 2006) 
• Disinfection Technical Specifications (issued by the Ministry of Health in 2002) 


Disinfection technology route for ventilation and air-conditioning system 

Aiming at the problem of virus aerosol cross-infection caused by ventilation and air conditioning in public spaces, the process of first-stage disinfection through high-voltage ionization + efficient virus aerosol capture + rapid centralized disinfection is adopted. Use high-voltage ionized high-energy particles to break the molecular bonds of virus and achieve partial virus killing; then actively adsorb virus aerosol through high-voltage electric field area to achieve efficient virus capture with a capture efficiency of more than 99%; finally performs rapid centralized virus killing against the captured aerosol, and configures online and offline antivirus solutions to achieve clean and healthy operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. 


 Advantages ofdisinfection technology for ventilation and air conditioning systems 


High capture efficiency: The capture efficiency of aerosols with a particle size of less than 1 μm can reach more than 99%, which can efficiently remove aerosol particles containing virus in air-conditioning systems; 
• Good virus-killing effect: thorough sterilization and disinfection, sterilization rate can reach 100%, no residue, no need for secondary treatment, safety and environmental protection; 
• Small equipment size: It can be modularly assembled according to the air volume of the existing air conditioning system. The equipment is compact, covers a small area, is easy to install, and easy to retrofit. 
• Low operating cost: The operating resistance is less than 200Pa, and there is no need to change HEPA filter materials. The operating energy consumption and maintenance cost are low. 


Core equipment and technology introduction  


Technicalfeatures of efficient virus aerosol capture device 


• Take advantage of a strong electric field generated by tens of thousands of volts of electricity to ionize the gas around the electrode and generate a large number of ions in the discharge level space, killing bacteria and completing the first-stage high-voltage electrostatic virus-killing; 
• The aerosol that escaped from the high-voltage ionization then entered the dust collector and will be charged after colliding with the ions. The charged aerosol approaches the dust collector under the driving force of the electric field and will be efficiently captured (zero potential) and concentrated adsorbed on the dust collector; 
• The virus aerosol adsorbed on the dust collector will be intensively disinfected by online or offline methods; 
• Purified clean air enters the room; 
• The capture device is equipped with the automatic cleaning function optionally for long-term stable operation. 


Virus aerosol efficient capture device 


Principles, schemes andfeatures of centralized disinfection technology 

The ozone gas / superoxide water centralized disinfection technology combined physical and biological actions can realize complete sterilization and disinfection, has no residue, and has sterilization spectrum, which can kill bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, etc. The system is equipped with an ozone elimination device to ensure that the ozone concentration after removal is lower than 0.1mg / m3, meeting the ozone sanitary standards for indoor air. 




• High efficiency: fast disinfection speed, which is 600-3000 times of chlorine, good tolerance, thorough sterilization 
• High cleanliness: free virus-killing state, no dead angle, no residue 
• Convenience: virus-killing time and running time can be set; operation is easy 
• Economic: environmental protection and economy, no secondary pollution 


Equipment installation instructions 


Ventilation and air-conditioning disinfection equipment is installed in the front of the central air-conditioning unit, so as to further process virus-containing aerosols and ensure clean and safe air supply. The virus aerosol high-efficiency capture device can be modularly assembled according to the air volume of the existing air-conditioning system, with a small footprint, convenient installation, and easy reconstruction. 

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