Yao Weiguo: A Letter to Megaunity Staff

During the Spring Festival of 2020, the sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan completely disrupted the traditional festive atmosphere of 1.4 billion Chinese people looking forward to a peaceful, warm and happy reunion. From the diagnosis of about 345 cases on January 20 to the resumption of work on February 10, more than 40,000 cases have been confirmed. The epidemic has developed faster than everyone expected, and it can be said that every day is a thriller! Every Chinese people spent 17 days of "long vacation" with fright, helplessness, and struggle. With the approval of Wanli Sub-district office, Megaunity was approved to be one of the first batch of enterprises to resume work on February 10. According to Jinpu District Newspaper, there are only about 700 companies resuming work on February 10th. The opportunity is hard-won, so we must cherish it! Therefore, I would like to make three requirements for all Megaunity people: 


I, Shoulder the responsibility 


Based on the attitude of being responsible to yourself and responsible to the family, each Megaunity employee must truthfully report individual travel information, strictly abide by all notices of Dalian Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Office, strictly comply with and implement all epidemic prevention and control measures of Dalian Megaunity Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd. Each department manager is required to have a clear understanding of the situation of each subordinate, and the department manager shall bear management responsibility for the subordinates. Once a confirmed case occurs, all personnel will be quarantined for 14 days, and the company may face huge risks at that time. All Megaunity employees must be highly responsible to themselves, their families, businesses, and society, and manage themselves well. 


II. Proactive in innovation 


The epidemic is raging severely and will apply a great impact on China's development. It will completely change many current situations and completely change life in the future. Every Megaunity people, have you started to change? How will you change? The only answer is innovative thinking and behaviors: to find the differences around you, to act positively, to move in the direction of good, and to improve a little every day; front-line employees need to change one action every day, so as to improve efficiency or quality; managers must change a management behavior every day, so as to optimize the behavior and improve work efficiency or quality. When responding to a severe epidemic, Megaunity people must actively innovate their work methods, adopt networked office if conditions allow. Individual employees can work at home during the epidemic, reduce on-site meetings and make efficient decisions. During the outbreak response, please make more phone text messages to greet your customers, bringing more humane care and more emotional exchanges. A greeting at this time is better than ten visits on normal days! As long as everyone is active, sincere and united, help each other and dare to innovate, Megaunity will be able to defeat this epidemic. Marching forward regardless of hardship, sunshine will come after the storm! 


III. Facing difficulties 


In the 42 years of China's reform and opening up, this is the first time for the country to be forced to stop its economic operation for such a long period of time. Many companies in Shanghai, including our customers, resumed work until February 17. In the coming period, the downward pressure on the economy will be huge, and we expect that we can get out of the trough after a quarter based on optimistic expectations. As of 6:00 this morning, the confirmed cases were 42,365. The country is at the peak of the return journey and the tide of resumption of work everywhere, increasing the risk of infection. We must be ready to pull in our belts and live a tight life! In case of economic recession, the company may have no orders for three months? How will we live? What should we do if the situation lasts for six months? Therefore, I ask all sales staff to use your wisdom, bold innovation, and full force to open up the market and tap customer needs. It is the last word that companies with orders survive. I require all middle-level department managers to control every penny. In the work, everyone must study how to change methods, improve efficiency, improve quality, and reduce the rate of rejects. I require all designers and technicians to create value with technology, reduce costs with innovation, and build the company's core competitiveness. It is time for you to show your skills. Under the huge downward pressure on the economy, the only way for the company to survive is to participate in technical innovation, increase revenue and save costs! 


All Megaunity people, we have experienced 26 years of ups and downs, we have had difficulties, we have had the joy of success, but all those have become history. With the 26-year-old "integrity, innovation, success, and win-win" corporate culture, Megaunity people's courage to innovate and explore the unknown will be our magic weapon to overcome this epidemic. Only by believing the wisdom and strength of each Megaunity people, and through the concerted efforts of all Megaunity people, can we overcome difficulties. Even if it is abyss forwardly, Megaunity will have to move forward! 


Let's celebrate together when the sun shines again after rain! 


Yao Weiguo 


6:00 am on February 11, 2020 

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