A letter of Megaunity Environmental to customers

Dear customers:


Since January this year, due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the whole country has joined hands to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The Spring Festival of 2020 will become a special memory in each of us. Here, Megaunity Environmental would like to extend our sincere regards to you, and express greetings and sincere thanks to you and your business for your trust, support and assistance!


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Megaunity Environmental has been closely following the development of the situation, actively responding to and implementing various national epidemic prevention and control efforts, and working tirelessly to properly respond to various problems that may be caused by the epidemic. As a result of our effort, Megaunity Environmental is honored to obtain government approval to become one of the first batch of enterprises to resume work in Jinpi District. "Creating value for users" is the service philosophy of Megaunity that has been adhered to for 26 years. During this extraordinary period, all Megaunity people still insist on serving customers as the top priority.


Facing the current severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, Megaunity Environmental solemnly promises that under the premise of complying with the relevant national epidemic prevention and control requirements and ensuring the safety of all employees, Megaunity team will provide customers with timely, continuous and feasible excellence service. For this reason, during this special period, Megaunity Environmental will take the following measures:


I,Comprehensive investigation and security services;


Before the resumption of work on February 10, Megaunity Environmental Dalian R & D and Manufacturing Center has sterilized each of the equipment, materials, products, etc. in the manufacturing, office, and R & D areas, and will continue disinfection in the next daily work, thus ensuring that all the products you receive are safe products. At the same time, our construction site construction staff will strictly implement the national implementation measures for epidemic prevention and control work to ensure safety;


II,Quick response and active service;


In order to effectively reduce the cross-infection caused by the gathering of people and block the spread of epidemic, Megaunity Environmental has started a comprehensive online office management mechanism since February 3, making full use of online office collaboration software, and online services such as cloud video conferencing and instant communication, and other ways to provide you with pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. Marketing and operation and maintenance service team will provide 7 * 24 hours of professional technical consulting services to quickly respond to your needs;


Northern Region Manager: Yang Kun

Southwest Region Manager: Chen Xing 

East China Region Manager: Guo Kai 

Deputy Director of Marketing: Huang Shaojun

Operation and Maintenance Service Manager: Li Zhifei 


III,Efficient R & D and precise services;


With the continuous spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the outbreak has brought a huge negative impact on China's manufacturing industry. Difficult resumption of work makes the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises harder. Megaunity Environmental has been committed to industrial air governance for 26 years. We may not be able to fight with viruses on the front line like medical staff, but in the current special period, we still strive to contribute to this society through our products and services.


After nearly half a month's efforts, the R & D team of Zhaohe has developed a ventilation and air-conditioning system disinfection device by adopting high-voltage electrostatic primary virus killing + efficient virus aerosol capture + fast centralized virus-killing process plan, which is specifically used for preventing central air-conditioning virus aerosol cross infection. The processing efficiency is more than 99%. The virus killing effect conforms to the "Sanitary Specifications for Central Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Public Places" issued by the Ministry of Health. The equipment can be applied to central air-conditioning systems in different places such as subway stations, high-speed rail stations, airports, office buildings, banks, hospitals, etc. Megaunity promises to provide ventilation and air-conditioning system disinfection equipment for related units at cost price to help urban disinfection! At the same time, the operation and maintenance service team of Megaunity can provide units in Dalian with cleaning and disinfection services for air-conditioning system units, pipes and air outlets.


Those with one mind will succeed, and those who stand together regardless of situation will win! The epidemic cannot stop the coming of spring. Under the strong leadership of CCP Central Committee, let us work together to overcome difficulties, fight together, overcome difficulties, and wait for the spring to blossom!


Finally, I wish you and your family happiness, good luck and smooth.




February 11, 2020

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