MEGAUNITY Fully Resume Production

On the 17th of the first month of the Year of the Mouse, MEGAUNITY ushered in the first day of work. Facing the severe pneumonia epidemics caused by novel coronavirus Infection, in order to ensure the health and safety of all staff, MEGAUNITY have scientifically and effectively implemented various national epidemic prevention and control policies, made sufficient preparations ahead of time, and all departments have positively responded it and resolutely won the battle for epidemic prevention and control. 



Attach great importance to joint control and defense of theepidemics 


Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia infection, MEGAUNITY leaders at all levels and departments have attached great importance, and have started emergency plans and set up an epidemic prevention and control headquarters at the first time, and respectively issued the documents of Dalian MEGAUNITY Deployment Of Prevention And Control Work Related To New Coronavirus Pneumonia Infection on January 25, issued the No.2 Announcement Of Dalian MEGAUNITY Epidemic Prevention And Control Headquarters on January 26, and issued the No.3 Announcement Of Dalian MEGAUNITY Epidemic Prevention And Control Headquarters on January 31, and mobilized departments to work together in joint defense and action, and made effective guidance plans to win the  battle for epidemic prevention and control.   



On February 9th, MEGAUNITY issued the No.2 Announcement on the response to the resumption of work on February 10th, and directed the staff of each department to implement the the company's epidemic prevention and control measures implementation plan, enabling the heads of departments to plan the production organization and implement every detail of the prevention and control plan during this special period. The document also details the commute and office matters needing attention, and requires employees to protect themselves.  


Implementation of prevention and control measures before resumption of work  


In order to make full preparation for the smooth start of the following project and safety production, the company has arranged for the resumption of work ahead of schedule, completed disinfection, prevention and control work in the production area, purchased masks, alcohol, thermometers and disinfection solution and other epidemic prevention supplies. At the same time, the company requires all personnel to wear a mask during the work, especially has made disinfection, ventilation precautions for the office, workshop, living area and other designated personnel gathering to ensure that all staff can return to work smoothly in a healthy and clean working environment.   


Strict management of vehicle access 


According to the implementation plan of the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation, the gate of the factory area is usually closed, and it is forbidden to enter and leave at will. All employees, outside personnel and visitors must be tested and registered by infrared thermometer before entering the company, and personnel with body temperature more than 37.3°C, shall accept underarm temperature measurement. Those who still exceed 37.3°C are forbidden to enter the company and ordered to go home under observation and rest, and shall visit the hospital as required. Except for company vehicles, logistics vehicles, other vehicles are prohibited from entering the factory area.   

Strict daily reporting system  


Every department and personnel report health and “clock off” through the mobile office system online, the company can timely understand the health status of each employee and situation of return, so that we can get the accurate information timely. Do not conceal, fail to report, report late, or make any misstatement, false report.  


Online system supports online office 




Today, the first-line production staff have returned to work. To minimize personnel gathering, for employees can work at home, the company encourage them to work at home and have wrote guidance and documentation on tele-office systems such as videoconferencing systems, cloud disk file interactions, and so on, providing adequate technical support for online office. 


All MEGAUNITY staff will continue to provide efficient service during the outbreak, and are dedicated to the customer and responsible for the community. We salute all the fighters who stick to the front line. There are no saviour from the sky, only mortals who stand up, may you return safely! 

Don’t feel worried or lonely, we will share your trouble and sorrow 


We'll always be with you! 


Good luck, Wuhan! Good luck, China! 


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