The leaders of Dalian Industrial and Information Technology Bureau visits MEGAUNITY

On January 10, 2020, at the beginning of the New Year, Ren Weida, the director of Dalian Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, and four leaders including Mr. Chen Weicong, the section chief of Investment and Planning Division and Mr. Cao Yang, the section chief of Industrial Economic Operation Division, etc. came to Dalian MEGAUITY Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd. to inspection the work. Yao Weiguo, President of MEGAUITY, and Yao Weiqiang, General Manager of MEGAUITY together with the company team warmly received the inspection leaders and had an in-depth exchange with them. 


The leaders of the Municipal Industrial and Information Technology Bureau visited the R & D center and manufacturing center of MEGAUITY. President of the company Yao Weiguo introduced the company's business sector, integrated management of two industries, digital production equipment, and intelligent manufacturing planning, etc. in detail. At the same time, the leaders expressed unanimous affirmation to the implementation of the "integrated integration management system", the upgrading of information management in traditional manufacturing, the digital transformation of traditional equipment, the introduction of new digital equipment, and the big data platform for environmental protection industries, and other aspects of MEGAUITY. 

President Yao Weiguo is introducing the Manufacturing Center of MEGAUITY to the leaders of the Industrial and Information Technology Bureau  

President Yao Weiguo is introducing the Enterprise Exhibition Hall of MEGAUITY to the leaders. 


MEGAUITY has been conducting the informatization transformation of enterprises since the country launched the integration management system of informatization in 2014. In November 2018, the company successfully obtained certification of the informatization integration management system of the Ministry of Industrial and Information Technology. Under the guidance of Dalian Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, the company has realized a major shift from the integration of informatization and industrialization to the current upgrade from traditional products to intelligent and environmentally friendly products, and from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing! In accordance with the requirements of the country for new national industrialization and the characteristics of the environmental protection industry, all new products of MEGAUITY at this stage have realized the function of providing intelligent services to customers by using the environmental protection industrial big data platform, thus helping industrial users to complete the transformation and upgrade of Industry 4.0 and realize the factory environment digital and intelligent management. 

Environmental protection industrial big data platform of MEGAUITY 

Environmental Software Copyright Certificate of MEGAUITY  


"Environmental protection big data platform" is a cutting-edge product based on the deep integration of industrial Internet of Things, data analysis, cloud platform, data acquisition technology, mobile Internet information technology and intelligent environmental protection equipment. It has completed the transformation from public cloud to private cloud since second half year in 2019, and has obtained the "software copyright certificate" of the software platform: 

1. Have realized the information interaction and coordination between the product application scenarios and the control center; 

2. Have achieved timely, effective and personalized product accessories supply; 

3. Have realized full tracking, early warning and issue tracing in the operation of environmental protection equipment, and improved equipment management efficiency and service level; 

4. Have achieved project and product life cycle service system, personalized product remote operation and maintenance service, and processized the equipment operation and maintenance; 

5. Have realized data-driven scientific projects and product optimization design; 

MEGAUITY people are greatly encouraged by the visit led by Director Renweida and their affirmation for the integration of information and industrialization of MEGAUITY. In the context that the State Council issued Made in China 2025" strategy in May 2015 aiming to comprehensively promote the implementation of the manufacturing power, MEGAUITY will continue to adhere to the strategic positioning of "Industrial Plant Air Governance System Solutions", deeply cultivate high-quality and hi-tech environmental protection system "intelligent manufacture" with cutting-edge technology, always keep original intentions in mind, take "strategic leadership, innovative development, integration of the two industries, and the future of intelligentization" as the guideline for the integration of the two industries, take strategy, advantages, and capabilities as the main line to establish and improve the integration of the two industries, and with the participation and evaluation of all employees, realize the in-depth integration of informatization and technology, products, services, and management, thus playing a demonstration and leading role in the environmental protection industry and driving more environmental protection enterprises to take the road of innovative industrialization. 

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