MEGAUNITY Dealer Conference Achieves Complete Success

On August 24th, the MEGAUNITY 2019 dealer conference was held in Dalian. Excellent dealers from all over the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan and Zhejiang, gathered together. With the theme of “Win-win cooperation, creating the future”, the conference set up a face-to-face communication platform for dealers. Moreover, some industry experts were invited to help dealers better open their business ideas and cooperate more closely with MEGAUNITY, to achieve long-term development and leap. 


Ms. Yao Weiqiang, General Manager of MEGAUNITY delivering a speech 


—— Technological Sharing and Exchange—— 

Fu Mingzhi, the Business Line Director of the oil mist and smoke & dust shared the ideas and development trends of industrial plant air management, starting from the topic of the health of the workers hazarded by air pollution of the current welding shop. MEGAUNITY cooperated with BRISTOL in Germany and carried out technological innovation on this basis, which has produced more efficient and stable oil mist purification products. MEGAUNITY has reached cooperation projects with many domestic and foreign companies in the direction of oil mist and smoke & dust control, such as Nachi-Fujikoshi Bearing, Schaeffler Machine Tool, NGC and Geely Automobile Group. 


Fu Mingzhi, the MEGAUNITY Director of the oil mist and smoke & dust business line 


Huang Shaojun, Director of VOCs Business Line, also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with participants on the organic waste gas market analysis and business positioning. He mainly introduced the working principles and core competitiveness of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) and Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO), and the VOCs disposal system projects of SINOTRUK, OMNOVA Decoration, Chengdu COFCO and other enterprises, which were undertaken by MEGAUNITY presently, allowing everyone have a deeper understanding of MEGAUNITY’s existing VOCs series products, and laying the foundation for business development in the future.  


Huang Shaojun, MEGAUNITY VOCs Business Director  


——Exploration by experts and scholars—— 

Zheng Xiang, Director of the Environment and Energy Conservation Branch Institute of the China Academy of Building Research, was also invited to the conference to introduce the systemic dust removal technology of the plant and the high space welding shop. MEGAUNITY had undertaken projects including the Chengdu Jinyue, CRRC Qingdao Sifang plant and CRRC Zhuzhou, and accumulated experience in this direction.  


Director Zheng, Environment and Energy Conservation Branch Institute, China Academy of Building Research 


Secretary General Luan Zhiqiang of the Waste Gas Purification Committee, China Association of Environmental Protection Industry explained the current situation and control needs of VOCs pollution in China. Prof. Yu from Dalian University of Technology introduced the expertise in explosion proof of gas and dust. Everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of current cutting-edge technological development process in the strong academic atmosphere on the spot.  


Secretary General Luan, the Waste Gas Purification Committee, China Association of Environmental   


Professor Yu, Dalian University of Technology  


Several excellent dealers also shared their feelings in many ways. They also mentioned that they have received excellent service and experience in cooperation with MEGAUNITY and appreciate them. MEGAUNITY also recognizes outstanding dealers and partners. 


——Future Prospects of Enterprise —— 


At the end of the conference, Chairman Yao Weiguo delivered the future prospects that company will continue to uphold integrity and high quality. MEGAUNITY always has a high sense of social responsibility, focusing on cultivating talents and grassroots education, to be a responsible enterprise and contribute more to society. Yao Dong said that the company hopes to forge ahead with all the dealers for a win-win future. 

Yao Weiguo, Chairman of MEGAUNITY delivering the company’s future prospects 


In the afternoon, all the dealers visited the plants and workshops of MEGAUNITY, and saw the technical quality of the equipment assembly on the spot, which also fully confirmed the consistently high requirements of MEGAUNITY in quality. 

Director Fu Mingzhi leading the dealers to visit the manufacturing center 


General Manager Yao Weiqiang leading the dealers to visit the R&D Experimentation Center 


——Everyone drinking and chatting at the dinner party—— 


After the conference, MEGAUNITY’s partners participated in a sumptuous dinner. In the lively atmosphere, everyone toasted to each other, talked about the future, exchanged business ideas. Many dealers and their family members also came to the stage to sing songs and cheers, further enhancing their friendship. At this point, MEGAUNITY will unite the strength of more dealers, in line with “win-win cooperation, creating the future”, and strive for the future generations! 

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