Ideal, Action, Persistence

On August 2nd, MEGAUNITY Chairman Yao Weiguo led 6 colleagues to Guazhou, Gansu Province, and began a four-day and three-night Gobi activities together with 120 outstanding principals from Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan. 


The “Outstanding Principal Growth Plan” initiated in 2011 by the Beijing Geyou Community Aid Foundation, facing the rural primary and secondary school principals in the Midwest of China. The Gobi Crossing Experience aims to provide the principals with a unique stage of self-release, self-motivation and self-improvement, allowing emotions and changes, ideals and hopes to occur from the heart. Since 2014, MEGAUNITY has been focusing on grassroots education for 6 consecutive years in Gobi, supporting the training of principals in remote areas. 


As a multi-year donor of the “Outstanding Principal Growth Plan”, Chairman Yao Weiguo said at the mobilization meeting before leaving: “Good education is to cultivate children’s imagination, creativity and love for themselves, others and society. Today outstanding principals have come to the Gobi again, and I believe that everyone will find your original dream and pursuit.” 


Since the first time of being in the Gobi in 2011, Yao Dong has led the team through the finishing line as the volunteer leader for many times. Compared to other people suffering and struggling in the process of walking in the Gobi, it is a kind of excitement to him for the unknown. “I prefer to face the challenges of life and all kinds of uncertainties. The innocence of the Gobi Desert gives me strong curiosity and powerful motivation, which allows me to constantly try and experience,” he said. 


As a volunteer of the “Outstanding Principal Growth Plan”, Chairman Yao took every time of accompanying the outstanding headmaster walking in Gobi as a cultivation of himself. At the same time, he also passed on the Gobi spirit of “ideal, action and persistence” to others. 


Excerpt of Gobi Diary 


Stepping on the sandstone baked in 45 °C, with the wind and sand blowing over the sky recklessly, the members of MEGAUNITY crossed the Gobi, saline-alkali land, and the river course. In the face of long journeys, complex terrain and blisters on their feet, they never gave up. 


“After a day of hiking, I increasingly feel the importance of keeping conviction. Only by persisting in the belief can you accomplish the goals and challenges step by step under the conditions of exhaustion and harsh environment. As long as you start, you must achieve it.” 

——Diary of Sui Huan, Member of G-Six Team 


“Whether everyone in the team knows each otheror not, they are helping each other as much as possible. From the moment we step on the Gobi, we are a team. Our goals are the same. I believe that we will do better in the following travelling! 

——Diary of Fang Liwen, Member of G-Six Team 


“Some of the members’ feet blistered, and the captain got sunstroke in the tent after arriving at the destination, but after helping the captain recover, we immediately put into the leg stretch training, got ready for smooth travelling tomorrow. The journey of tomorrow is hard, but everyone is full of spirit and high in spirits.” 

——Diary of Lu Lin, Member of G-Six Team 


“Greatness is the fruit of going through years of suffering and privation, and persistence must be rewarded. Teamwork, collaboration and encouragement are also essential.” 

——Diary of Zhao Xinxin, Member of G-Six Team 


“I can’t keep up with the team and even the distance is getting bigger and bigger. Every second of suffering the pain on my feet and difference in the heart seems like a year. Seeing the Gobi plants in the saline-alkali land, I thought if they can survive in such a harsh environment and have fruitful results, why can’t I, as a passer-by, overcome the short-term dilemma! 

——Diary of Chen Xing, Member of G-Six Team 


“We enjoy the process. We have a clear division of duties, and each has its own role. We remind and encourage each other. We work with each other. Looking forward to the challenge tomorrow, we will break through ourselves once again and complete our own transformation. 

——Diary of Zhao Mingdan, Member of G-Six Team 


“Sixth stepping on Gobi Desert, through the Xuanzang Road several times, dreaming from the beginning of the heart, persisting in the action, MEGAUNITY continues thejourney.” 

——Words of encouragement from Commissar Miao of G-Three Team 


Looking back at the brilliant journey of G-one to G-five, we are still moving forward.


From G-one to G-Six, we never stop!





This Gobi trip is not only the physical and mental training for the members, but also the social responsibility of MEGAUNITY as a private enterprise. Over the years, MEGAUNITY has several times donated money to the Wanli Love Society, books and computers to the school, and provided scholarships to the university, which fully demonstrates that MEGAUNITY is not only an environmental protection enterprise dedicated to “returning the blue sky and white clouds to future generations”, but also keep moving forward to promote social development and create a fresh world.  


The former G-members are struggling to move forward. At the same time, the following people also launched the “100-kilometer beneficial walking” charity donation activity in the name of MEGAUNITY, travelling together with families, friends, many environmentalists, and outstanding principals.” At present, nearly 1,200 people have donated more than 15 million steps, and “100-kilometer beneficial walking” has not yet ended. MEGAUNITY invites you to join us! 

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