7 Dead and 5 Injured in Kunshan Factory Blast

On the morning of March 31, 2019, Kunshan Han Ding Precision Metal Co., Ltd. suffered a fire and explosion, and has caused 7 dead and 5 injured. According to the official news released by the Information Office of Kunshan Municipal Government, a container for storing scrap metal on the outdoor site of the processing center of the involved enterprise was exploded, causing fire in the workshop, resulting in 7 dead, 1 serious injury and 4 minor injured. Security cordons were set up around the plant and the plant was shut down and sealed off.  


Workshop Photo of the Explosion Accident of Han Ding Precision Metal Co., Ltd.,  


Explosion Accident of Han Ding Precision Metal, leaving traces on the external wall of the enterprise workshop 


Kunshan: Large-scale safety inspections involving issues such as explosive dust carried out immediately 

On the afternoon of March 31, 2019, an emergency meeting on safety production in Kunshan City was held. Du Xiaogang, secretary of the municipal party committee, stressed that government will immediately carry out large-scale inspections of safety production, especially in key industries such as hazardous chemicals, explosive dust, construction, etc., and vigorously carry out large-scale inspections of safety production in the whole industry to ensure that no loopholes are allowed. We will spare no effort to eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers of security risks and fully implement safety control measures. 

Kunshan Emergency Meeting on Safety Production 

How should enterprises prevent industrial safety production? 

In recent years, the scale of social production has expanded, and the issue of safe production has become increasingly serious. Every year, nearly 100,000 people have died from various types of safety production accidents, and more than 700,000 people have been disabled. In addition to occupational hazards, nearly one million families suffers from misfortune due to safety production accidents. In the face of safety production problems, in addition to effective implementation of safety production systems and regulations, enterprises must also manage the flammable and explosive dust generated by industrial products in the process of manufacturing.  


MEGAUNITY has been committed to the technical development and application of industrial smoke & dust control products. In February 2018, MEGAUNITY cooperated with the Institute of Industrial Explosion and Protection of Northeastern University to carry out cooperation on dust removal and explosion-proof technology. The explosion-proof dust removal system designed by MEGAUNITY adopts redundant safety protection plan, such as venting, explosion-proof, explosion suppression, anti-explosion, anti-static, spark detection and extinction, and combination of various measures, to ensure the production safety while effectively controlling the flammable and explosive dust generated in the manufacturing process and. 

MEGAUNITY explosion-proof dust removal system diagram 

The explosion-proof dust removal system mainly consists of basic components such as dust collection, dust filtration, fan and dust cleaning. The dust collector shell after finite element analysis of antiknock strength and dynamics and reinforced by design, can meet the requirements of explosion-proof standards. And the high efficiency filter element equipped can effectively ensure the purification efficiency, improve the air cleanliness, and apply to various independent dust-generating points with explosion-proof and explosion-proof requirements. In addition, according to different explosion-proof conditions, equipped with cost-effective combination of explosion-proof components, we will provide customized solutions for users. 


MEGAUNITY’s self-developed explosion-proof dust collector has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and the product has passed the international ATEX explosion-proof certification.  

Left: Explosion-proof dust collector; Right: ATEX international explosion-proof certification 


The core component of the explosion-proof dust collector - the explosion-proof valve, is a passive, one-way explosion-proof protection system component, has the advantages of wide application, low maintenance cost, small pressure loss, etc., and is generally installed on the inlet process pipeline of the dust collector and other equipment. Under the normal working condition of the dust removal system, the explosion-proof valve keeps normally open under the action of the balance block and the negative air pressure, and delivers dust normally; when the dust removal system explodes, the explosion-proof valve realizes passive and rapid sealing under the action of the explosion pressure wave, and the system will be locked by self-locking device automatically; effectively preventing the flame and pressure waves generated by the explosion from propagating from the initial position to other process units, thereby avoiding the occurrence of “secondary” explosion or continuous explosion accidents and reducing the explosion disaster. 


Explosion-proof val 


Technical advantages of explosion-proof valve 

• The finite element analysis technology is used to optimize the position, size, valve size and auxiliary fittings of the stiffener to avoid large deformation of the valve flap and fire. 

• The dynamic analysis technology is used to optimize the design of the self-locking device, the weight of the balance block and the distance of the arm, achieving small loss of pressure and rapid response, ensuring effective isolation of the explosion flame. 

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