New Year's Greetings From Yao Weiguo

Grateful to every MEGAUNITY people. It is your joint efforts that have helped us through the difficult 2018! Together we have harvested the joy of growth! 


In 2019, the motherland will celebrate its 70th anniversary! The 70-year great change of the motherland embodies the countless efforts and sweat of the predecessors. Our generation is very happy and has caught up with the first four decades of reform and opening up. In 2019, the next four decades will be opened. The reforms of our country will also enter the deep water area, with various complicated contradictions and many uncertainties in the economic growth. How to deal with these in 2019 will be a serious challenge for every enterprise. As a veteran entrepreneur, I will work hand in hand with all the MEGAUNITY people in the attitude of the struggler, work hard together, face the difficulties and obstacles in the advancement, and build MEGAUNITY’s new glory with wisdom and diligence, with blood and sweat. 


Every MEGAUNITY people know our mission of “creating a fresh world and building a beautiful China”! We firmly believe that even if the road ahead is even more difficult, as long as all the MEGAUNITY people are united, we will be able to overcome difficulties. We are willing to work with our environmental colleagues to use our youth and sweat for 20 years to fight for the future generations. We are convinced that as long as we set off, our mission will be reached. 


Every MEGAUNITY people is convinced that our vision will be realized. We will be brave in innovation, pioneering and enterprising, in the attitude of the struggler, diligent in thinking, united and helping each other, and willing to contribute. Here, let us revisit the vision of MEGAUNITY: 


We want to create a happy company: we will create an excellent organization with high efficiency, high execution, clear goals, and results must be reached; every employee grows up happily, works happily, takes responsibility, and is willing to contribute. Innovation will be one of the core values of MEGAUNITY, and we will rely on technological innovation to adapt to the new technology trend to lead the industry development. In the next decade, we will become the world’s leading company in the same industry; we will provide value services that satisfy our customers. Every employee thus will reach the best income level in the industry; we will create a good return for shareholders, we will work together with partners to develop a win-win future, we will become one of the most respected companies in the industry; we actively undertake the society responsibility, support the country’s economic development, and strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! 


Use the mission to lead the development and build a dream and life with a vision! 


We are in a period of rapid change. MEGAUNITY people will adhere to market-oriented development and adhere to technological innovation to build core competitiveness. We will adhere to provide quality services for quality customers to create value for customers as our responsibility, always uphold the business philosophy of customer first, to win based on quality, and win the trust of customers by excellent service. 


MEGAUNITY people will always keep in mind: the customer gives us the opportunity to develop, the customer gives us salary! 


MEGAUNITY people will always be grateful to every customer who helps MEGAUNITY grow up! 


In 2019, the company will continue to deepen management reforms. We will continue to deepen the implementation of the four tasks of the management reforms in the past 20 months, and we must work hard to achieve results. On this basis, the company will continue to innovate and develop in the following four aspects: First, establish a planning and implementation mechanism for project management, and deepen the implementation plan of the project’s entire process cost control. Second, tease the company’s key processes, continue to promote the whole process of order management, further rationalize the key links in the operation, clarify the key functions of the key links, the key responsibilities, the competency evaluation of the post personnel, the performance indicators of key positions, etc. And make them interlocked. Third, establish a company’s operational data analysis system, to analyze the company’s operating status monthly, and identify the risks in the company’s operation in a timely manner, effectively correct various problems in the company’s operations, and ensure the company’s sound operation and management. Fourth, to strengthen research and development must be market-oriented, through adequate market research, with detailed customer demand data, to guide research and development work, with the research and development results leading customer applications, creating value for customers for the ultimate purpose of building the company’s core competitiveness. 


In 2019, I am full of expectations for MEGAUNITY people. I believe that with the joint efforts of all of us, we will be able to create more glory. I will work side by side with all the people of MEGAUNITY to celebrate the 25th anniversary celebration! 


Ideal, action, persistence! 


2019.02.03    Yao Weiguo

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