2018 Summary Conference and New Year Gala Successfully Held

Spread the sunshine of the year and harvest the brilliance all the way. On January 26, 2019, the MEGAUNITY 2018 Summary Conference and the New Year Gala, with the theme of “Determined to reform, building dreams together”, was held in Dalian Yifeng No.8 Hotel. MEGAUNITY people from all over the country gathered together for the grand event, and celebrate the Chinese New Year. 


1 Annual Summary 


Break through the dilemma, meet new challenges, and reach new achievement.


At the annual summary meeting, MEGAUNITY Chairman Yao Weiguo delivered a speech on the development prospect of MEGAUNITY 2019 with the theme of “breaking through the dilemma, meeting new challenges, and reaching new achievement”. 


In his speech, Chairman Yao Weiguo deeply analyzed the impact of the fourth technological revolution on enterprises, and pointed out that in the face of major social changes, all MEGAUNITY people should work harder and harder to learn new skills and new things, and have “struggling spirit”. As long as the MEGAUNITY people strengthen their confidence and work together, we can certainly create more brilliant achievements. 


At the same time, Chairman Yao Weiguo also explained the company’s vision, mission and strategy to all MEGAUNITY people, and said that innovation is always one of the core values of MEGAUNITY. Our enterprise will rely on innovation to adapt to the new technology trend and lead the industry development. In the next decade, MEGAUNITY must strive to become the world leading enterprise in the environmental protection industry. While striving to become bigger and stronger, MEGAUNITY will continue to pay attention to the growth and development of its employees, continue to adhere to the mechanism of “masters teaching apprentices”, explore the potential of young people, and enhance the comprehensive strength of young people. In the future, all MEGAUNITY people still need to work hard, dare to take responsibility and fight for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. 


At the MEGAUNITY 2018 Summary Conference, Yao Weiqiang, General Manager of MEGAUNITY, gave a keynote speech on “Work Summary for 2018 and Work Plan for 2019”. Looking back at 2018, MEGAUNITY achieved the goal of stable development under the situation of national economic decline and intensified market competition. The model case was starting to bloom nationwide, the enterprise management system was further improved, and our company successfully passed the “Certification of Integrated Management System of Informatization and Industrialization” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Moreover, in terms of product technology research and development innovation, we not only reached a strategic cooperation with Japan's Ebara, but also achieved breakthroughs in multiple independent innovation technologies and obtained a number of independent R&D patents. These honors and achievements are inseparable from the diligence and hard work of all MEGAUNITY people.  




Along the twenty-five years of working despite of wind and rain, the glory and honor of MEGAUNITY cannot be separated from everyone who has contributed to the development of MEGAUNITY. They may not have the grandiloquence and the great achievements, but they have created value with action, helping the MEGAUNITY soaring in the environmental protection industry. 


Excellent companies are inseparable from excellent teams and elites. In commendation conference, MEGAUNITY 2018 Overseas Development Award, Outstanding Newcomer Award, Quality Service Award, Willing Ox Award, Craftsman Spirit Award, Innovation Award, etc. were announced in succession. At the moment of glory, everyone witnessed together and inspired every MEGAUNITY people to make unremitting efforts and achieve greater dreams. 



Festive Feast 


The festive celebration, naturally, shall have the wonderful programs. A moment after the commendation meeting, the versatile MEGAUNITY people shown their strengths, presented an audio-visual feast for the audience, fully demonstrating the valiant and enterprising spirit of MEGAUNITY people.  

The comic dialogue “Visit the Vows River” 


Instrument solo “Jasmine & Roar of the Ocean” 


Song “Believe in yourself”  


African Drum “trouble is the friend” 


Dance “Longing for Glory” 


Song “MEGAUNITY Welcomes You” 


Dance “Shanghai Beach” 


Comic skit “Dog”  


Song “Youth” 


This event is not only a commendation of past honors, but also the beginning of a new journey for MEGAUNITY. Glory belongs to the past, and realizing dreams still needs our efforts. In the New Year, all MEGAUNITY people will be motivated and confident, and will enter the next stage of work with a more full-spirited state of mind and passion, and compose a new chapter.  

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