Awarded the Honorary Title of “Excellent Unit”

On January 2, 2019, the MEGAUNITY SAIC Zhengzhou Phase II Coating Project team actively assisted the associate organization in this project to effectively overcome the difficulties and ensure the efficient and safe implementation of the project. It was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Unit” by the SCIVIC Engineering Corporation, and the relevant project personnel were awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Safety Management Personnel of Coating project”. 


The SCIVIC Engineering Corporation was established in 1959. It has 26 Grade A qualification certificates issued by the state including engineering survey, design, consulting, manufacturing, supervision and environmental evaluation. It is the strongest large-scale machinery industry design institute in China and one of the largest and most qualified engineering companies in China’s machinery industry. MEGAUNITY has won many honorary titles such as “Excellent Unit” since the cooperation with the SCIVIC Engineering Corporation for nearly ten years. 


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