News of Success! A New Certification of Management System

Recently, Dalian MEGAUNITY Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd. won the certificate of the Integrated Management System of Informatization and Industrialization issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which indicates that MEGAUNITY has entered a new stage of transformation and upgrading to the “intelligent manufacturing” industry of scientific and technological innovation in the era of big data. 



The “Integrated Management System of Informatization and Industrialization” is a standardized system for measuring the “two-in-one integration” level by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is a high-level integration of informatization and industrialization, and an important part of the national informatization strategy, the key to the “Made in China 2025” initiative. 


Since the launch of the national two-in-one integration management system in 2014, MEGAUNITY has begun to lay out the enterprise’s information transformation, and the General Manager Yao Weiqiang personally set up a special project group of “two-in-one integration” to promote the implementation of this task. Under the leadership of General Manager Yao, MEGAUNITY won the title of pilot enterprise of “Two-in-one Integration Management System” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2016; in April 2018, MEGAUNITY completed the manual document, program files and operation documents of “Two-in-one Integration Management System”, and began to issue for trial operation; in August and September of the same year, the company successfully passed the two external audit of the CEPREI. After four years of unremitting efforts, MEGAUNITY people finally obtained the qualification of Two-in-one Integration Management System by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in November 2018. 


MEGAUNITY takes “strategic guidance, innovation and development, integration ofinformatizationand industrialization, and wisdom to create the future” as the guiding principle for the integration. With strategy, advantages and capabilities as the main line, the establishment and improvement of the integration system ofinformatizationand industrialization, full participation, full staff assessment, MEGAUNITY will achieve the integration of information, technology, products and management, to realize global optimization, innovation and development, and enhance the company’s core competitiveness. 


In accordance with the requirements of new industrialization, combined with the characteristics of the environmental protection industry, all new products of MEGAUNITY at this stage have realized the function of providing intelligent services to users by using the environmental big data platform, helping enterprises to complete the transformation and upgrading of Industry 4.0 and realize the information of industrial plant’s air management, and intelligent management. 

MEGAUNITY informational data monitoring system 


China National Heavy Duty Truck Commercial Vehicle VOCs Management System Solution Project 


MEGAUNITY successfully passed the evaluation, which is a milestone in the process of integration of informationization and industrialization. It will also play a role in demonstration and leading role in the environmental protection industry, driving more environmental protection enterprises take the road of innovative industrialization. The company will continue to improve and optimize the integration management system, further enhance the competitiveness in the information environment, and strive to create a new benchmark for the integration of environmental protection manufacturing. 


MEGAUNITY pursues the concept of “customer first” and takes “creating the fresh world and returning the blue sky and white clouds to future generations” as its mission. Based on the environmental protection industry, it pursues innovation and development, and strives to create the excellent “MEGAUNITY” brand. MEGAUNITY people will continue to firmly carry forward the “iron bull spirit”, with the tenacious will and unyielding determination, pioneering and innovating, practicing the ambition of being a strong enterprise in the world! 

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