MEGAUNITY witnesses the Naming and Delivery Ceremony of China's First Domestic Large Cruise Ship - ADORA MAGIC CITY

On November 4th, China's first domestically-built large cruise ship, the ADORA MAGIC CITY, was officially named and delivered at a ceremony held in Shanghai. At the naming and delivery ceremony, Ms. Fen Jinshi, honorary director of Dunhuang Research Academy and recipient of the National Honor for Outstanding Contributions to Cultural Relics Protection, served as the ambassador for the maiden voyage of the first domestically-built large cruise ship, naming it and launching the ceremonial champagne bottle.


Officials from various organizations including secretary of the Party Committee and Minister of MIIT, Xin Guobin, secretary of SASAC, Zhang Yuzhuo, and chairman of CSSC, Wen Gang, were present at the ceremony and gave speeches. Jack Yao, chairman of Megaunity Air System Co., Ltd. was also invited to attend as a representative of the domestic partner of the cruise industry chain.


The first domestically-built large cruise ship, ADORA MAGIC CITY, was officially named and delivered in Shanghai.   

Image Source: China Shipbuilding 


MEGAUNITY Chairman Jack Yao took photos in front of China's first domestically built large cruise ship - ADORA MAGIC CITY


"After eight years of scientific research and five years of design and construction, China successfully manufactured and delivered the first "ADORA MAGIC CITY". During the construction process, CSSC Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding used a model of importing, digesting, absorbing, and innovating to manage and coordinate 361 Tier-1 suppliers and 1,105 Tier-2 supporting enterprises and gather over 5,000 engineers from more than 30 countries worldwide, successively breaking through a series of critical core technologies throughout the life cycle of the ship while continuously constructing the Chinese standard system for the cruise industry."

Reportedly, the total tonnage of China's first domestically-built large cruise ship is 135,500 tons. The ship includes 107 systems, 55,000 devices, 25 million components, 4,750 km of cables installed, 365 km of pipelines, and 120 km of ducts.


"Megaunity Air System Co., Ltd.'s holding company, Shanghai Zhaohua Ventilation Engineering Co., Ltd., provided HVAC air-side solutions for China's first large luxury cruise ship, undertaking the construction of the ventilation project. Over 400 people participated in the project, with 60+ people in R&D, 35+ in management, and over 300 in on-site construction.

As one of the most important parts of the ship, the HVAC air-side system ensures the safety, functionality, and comfort of the ship's equipment and personnel. Therefore, stringent requirements have been put forward for the design and layout of the air-side system, the quality of equipment, and installation. With experience in product development, sales, system design, and project implementation management, MEGAUNITY provided a customized all-in-one solution to ensure the scientificity and normativity of the cruise HVAC system. The air-side products meet European DW<144> requirements, and the sealing performance reaches the highest level of Class D according to European ventilation product airtightness standards DW<143>.



The MEGAUNITY team that participated in implementing the project designed "ADORA MAGIC CITY" with an external-to-internal blend of Eastern and Western aesthetics, incorporating both traditional and contemporary inspiration. It interprets fashionable trends as well as showcases innovative charm with classic cultural elements. Ms. Fen said that ADORA MAGIC CITY represents a showcase of Chinese modern technology and hopes it continues to carry forth Silk Road spirit and promotes cultural tourism integration with confidence along the new maritime silk road.


Fen Jinshi took a commemorative photo in front of the cruise.

Source: China News Network


The successful delivery of the ADORA MAGIC CITY represents another milestone in which China once again seized the crown jewel in the global shipping industry, making our country the only one currently building aircraft carriers, large LNG vessels, and large cruise ships. This marks an important step toward becoming a strong shipbuilding nation. MEGAUNITY will leverage the valuable experiences gained from this project to make contributions to the continued high-quality development of the large-scale cruise industry.

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